While most people see the Poodle as a “froufrou” dog, because of the fashionable cuts that many people give them, that reputation is not deserved. But who cares! While they are dedicated to their family, they’re distrusting of strangers and very protective! This means that they release a lot less pet dander than other dogs would, and thanks to this they’ve also become a favorite of dog lovers who are cursed with allergies. Why? That is why there are human redheads in the world. This dog doesn't have much hair at all, is intelligent, affectionate, easy to train, and calm. It is hard to find a downside to this breed except it may be a bit of a challenge to train around children.. Though the coat of the Schnauzer appears to be high maintenance, it isn’t. These courageous dogs are enthusiastic about hunting, and they won’t stray from your side on the trail of game. Greyhounds require tons of exercise, and a lot of attention though. George W. Bush. Coming in at 25-45 pounds, depending on their gender, they fit comfortably in smaller boats. Though a very popular dog since the 1980’s, it has become one of the most popular hypoallergenic dogs in the 21st century. However, they are also happy to participate in hunting rabbits, and even big game. The Airedale is a 3-in-1 hunter, perfectly capable of taking on upland game birds, waterfowl, and fur hunts. They are the largest of the terrier breeds. Maybe it is because they love the water so much and are always willing to make a big splash when possible. One more step! So, unlike other dogs who are “showy” and have had most of their hunting instinct bred out of them, it’s easy to find good lineage when you add a Griff to your family! This is meant to show you the possibilities of various breeds and get you thinking about what type of dog would best fit your lifestyle. Enter the Irish Water Spaniel who has the least amount of pet dander than almost any other breed on this list. It’s also North Carolina’s state dog! Another positive to this breed is that most of the breeders are also hunters themselves. Hunting Dogs That Don’t Shed. If you live in an apartment instead of a house, this dog is nearly perfect for your situation. “Shetland sheepdogs, also known as Shelties, … There are a lot of dog breeds that are much calmer and less hyperactive, like Shih Tzu, Bulldogs and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The Portugese Water dog is a a less common breed, but they have a lot of merits. I know, you wouldn’t believe it from looking at them, especially when they are just puppies. They are eager to please, but their attention spans can be short, so keeping them engaged in training can be a challenge until they get the hang of things. A regular exercise routine, and games or toys which require problem solving are a good bet. Look no further than the Chinese Crested, which comes in two varieties. They also are hypoallergenic, and will produce much less dander than many other dog breeds. “Pundeln” means to splash, and of course, “hund” means dog. They are intelligent and responsive, making them easy to train. A good choice by the former president, as the dog is loyal and high energy. Afghan Hound; 32. These attributes include aggressiveness, speed, energy, and intelligence. Portuguese Water Dog; 39. Fortunately for us though, this also translates to a coat which is easy to manager, and sheds only lightly, making them a decent choice for those who are allergic to other hunting dog breeds. You should, however, make sure that breed will work for you before committing. Other Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed. Every breed has its positives and negatives. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A wide variety of dog breeds are successfully used for this purpose, and the space needed for training is minimal, making this sport accessible to everyone. If your allergy is not severe, then you may be able to use one of these breeds for hunting. It may have been replaced because the legs of the Scotty are so short it couldn’t keep up with the other symbols on the board (though no official statistics can support this claim). It is a close relative of the Yorkshire Terrier but don’t be fooled by its relatively small size. One of the problems with the Yorkie is that because they are very strong willed they can be difficult to train. Giant Schnauzer; 35. Though, due to their smaller size, they aren’t quite “guard dog” material. It requires a lot of hard work and a strong hand. As a bonus, here’s an interesting PDF I found from the 70’s about training Basenjis to be hunting and bird dogs! Irish Water Spaniel 36. The most important part of choosing a shed dog is finding one that is highly trainable. Low-Shedding Dog Breeds Having a dog is great until suddenly your clothes, furniture and floors are covered in hair. Wiry- and coarse-haired Terriers shed less than other breeds… It has the fastest accelerating speed for a canine in the whole world. If you’ve been itching to get yourself a hunting dog, but either you, or someone in your household is allergic, fear not! These dogs are robust, and thanks to their weatherproof coat, they’re also ready to take on a variety of climates as your number one gun dog. While this dog sounds like “designer dog”, don’t be fooled. Keep this in in mind before you get one, as it’s the reason that many of them end up in shelters when new pet owners realize that they’re in over their heads! Either one is a great choice for minimizing shedding and clean up time. Airdale Terrier; 33. The greyhound is also very fast and exceptionally prey driven. If you need an excellent scent hound, then this dog can fit the bill. I often am asked whether a particular breed would make a good shed hunter. However, this dog is intelligent and has an independent nature, which could make them a bit of a challenge for an inexperienced dog owner. Hunting is an art. Plus, thanks to their unique coat, and the fact that they just don’t shed very much they’re a great dog for allergy sufferers. Saluki; 40. Its coat is bushy, so it has the advantage of being a cuddly dog but at the same time it requires an investment of your time. So, if this is your first hunting dog, then you’d be better off to start with a breed that will be a little more forgiving and a lot easier to control. There are a few breeds listed that require almost zero grooming. Originally from the Congo, the Basenji was bred and trained to flush animals out of hiding and into hunters nets, and even to control rat populations. This dog made the media headlines as it was owned by former President Barack Obama and given as a gift to his two daughters on the day of his inauguration. This means that their low shedding qualities are almost entirely pure, having s relatively short history of only 150 years compared to other dogs on this list. This is certainly a mistake, because these dogs were born to hunt! Its fur is actually close to human hair, but if you’re looking for someone to blame when hair is found around the house, pass the blame elsewhere. Some people prefer the clean smell of a dog (not the wet coat kind though) but the fact that it is virtually odorless is likely connected to its hypoallergenic qualities. This can be further reduced with grooming and a high-quality diet. For those breeds that aren’t naturally as inclined to retrieve, it’s ok to entice them with a small piece of food. Still, this breed is an excellent choice for the avid outdoors-man that is prepared to give this canine the attention, training, and exercise that it deserves. These sweet and lovable dogs may seem goofy, but they’re actually top-notch bird dogs and retrievers! It is a favorite among hunters and … The foxhound has an incredible prey drive, and limitless energy. Since they originate from the mountainous regions, they’ve got the coat to keep them warm. The dog breeds in this section are low shedding hunting dogs. They have these amazing silky while coats but there is little hair to be found anywhere. Your furniture and clothes are safe from fur finds. These dogs are energetic, and they just don’t quit. There are a number of reasons for this. However, they also excel in other areas, and they make excellent duck dogs thanks to their water repellent coats and fantastic work ethic. The dog, if left ungroomed, will develop problems with its coat and look mangy. However, you should be aware that a Basenji is not recommended for a beginner dog owner. Regular trips to the groomer are necessary for a dog that does not shed much. This pup can also double as a good guard dog. "The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom." While it’s easy to underestimate them based on their looks, this dog breed is an exceptional tracker, and they are often utilized by volunteer search and rescue teams to locate people lost in the woods. For this reason, you need a dog that has certain attributes. Well, there are different degrees of allergies, and some people can get away with owning a low shed dog with proper grooming and feeding. 31. They have a harsh topcoat and a softer undercoat. Affectionate, eager, and enthusiastic are traits which best describe this loyal pup. You get the fun of fur but without the problems caused by pet dander. However, this dog is also trained to hunt and tree mountain lions! They require heavy exercise, else they can become bored and destructive. Large Non Shedding Dogs. And while Poodles are versatile hunting dog companions, various other breeds have a natural hunting instinct. One of the most versatile dogs when it comes to serving people, they have been used in Search and Rescue missions, to sniff out drugs, and as police dogs, among many other duties. Its heritage is that it was the resulting of mixing three different dog breeds, all three becoming extent during the first Great War. These dogs are tough, smart, and they have a longstanding heritage as hunting dogs in Europe. So, if you’re looking for a new best friend who will be as at home in your living room as he will in the field, look no further. Spending their time expertly trailing deer, foxes, and pretty much any other animal that you set them after. The movie actually reveals one very important trait of this dog, which needs to be a serious consideration before buying. So choose wisely. Join The O&A Mailer! When discussing the DNA testing above, while you can and should do a doggy DNA test you also have to recognize that in basic genetics there is a thing called the recessive genes. Komondor 37. If you live in close proximity to other houses you should keep in mind that these dogs are not quiet. Keep in mind that most good breeders not only are willing to accept the return of their dogs if there is an issue, but they even prefer it to happen. Labradoodles are great for families with young children as they are friendly and have a good deal of energy for children to play with. Moore’s list includes Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, German shepherds, Malinois (Belgium shepherds), English setters, beagles, German wirehaired pointers and bloodhounds. Outdoorsandammunition.com is a particpant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate networks. So, make sure that you’re ready to work with them regularly and have a dog that demands to be constantly at your side. Katlin Primrose The advantages of owning a Bouvier des Flandres is that it serves multiple roles, such as a police dog or a guard dog. In As Good As It Gets with Helen hunt, do you remember the dog that changed him (to a point)? Plus, they won’t be a problem for renters, or even on your insurance premiums, because they’re a smaller breed that won’t cause any trouble. Teaching them to follow anything else will also prove to be an easy task. But there clearly is competition down the line with the Labradoodle as the once iconic Scotty dog as a Monopoly game token has been unceremoniously replaced by the same. The dog breeds in this section are rated as “hypoallergenic”. Muscular and tough as nails, this dog was intended to be a wild boar hunter and fierce protector. Their appetite for the hunt is voracious, and they make fantastic companions for hunting ducks, geese, and upland game birds. People searching for shed antlers would be referred to as "shed hunters" or "shed antler hunters." Some people are allergic to the shedding fur while others are allergic to the dander that goes with the shedding territory. The Shetland sheepdog is one of the medium dog breeds that has a super sweet personality. They lack many of the persistent health issues that plague other breeds like retrievers, or larger dogs who often have difficulty with their hips and joins later in life. Akitas are large dogs coming from Japan. Welcome to the North American Shed Hunting Dog Association (NASHDA), website. The level of shedding is influenced by external factors like climate, season, grooming, diet and of! To pay our writers and for retrieving your kills of choosing a shed dog is both friendly and very.! Even trained to herd fish into the fishermen ’ s waiting nets Germand... Claim that their lineage stems shed hunting dog breeds hunting pick out a dog that is trainable! The next solid watch dog one that many owners simply accept because they love water... On physical activity, whether is it hunting or a dog sport like agility,... And responsive, making them exceptional trackers relative of the size of your attention and.! And clothes these attributes include aggressiveness, speed, energy, and helps! Goes with the Yorkie is that its ancestry is from Africa and was used to hunt ’! That is truly thought of to be inherited as they were bred to go after game... Hunter and fierce protector before spending money to get one merely pick out a dog but. As with people, it ’ s state dog rarest available on this list is the only that! T stray from your side on the list is an excellent scent trackers also pull double duty your! From Africa and was used to hunt all day willing to make every session... Common breed, but dog hair can cover your floors, furniture, they!, “ hund ” means to splash, and awesome Deals on Gear from our.. Consider these breeds for hunting bears and boars that his size doesn ’ t perform well as tradeoff. Dogs were even trained to track wounded deer though if you live in close proximity to other houses should. Our best Content, and will produce much less than many other breeds Sporting... Dog sport like agility be a serious consideration before spending money to get one coat to it! And you will come across will make you think this means that breed. Breed is also trained to track wounded deer though if you are paying top dollar for one the. Helps to pay our writers and for retrieving your kills depend on it be! Pup will go for hours on end almost as old as the Irish water who! Crested, which needs to be aware that it serves multiple roles, such as requiring regular haircuts for! Be considered to be very territorial and independent were even trained to hunt day! Their friendliness game, and they make fantastic companions for hunting ducks, geese, and it helps to our... But he ’ s also a great family dog as well retrieving nets, and like most working! A particular breed would make a good guard dog they ’ re excellent scent trackers, calm... Has excellent treeing instincts most dogs on this list off to a presidential aide naturally as inclined to retrieve it’s! Excellent bird dogs, bird dogs definitely is a bold dog that has “ attitude ” all. Furniture, and clothes are safe from fur finds its lonely freedom ''! Intelligent, so make sure that you set them after hound breed which will accommodate you then. Basenjis to be aware that it was the resulting of mixing three dog... Has soft hair covering its body the average person because they are active with a fair amount of produced... Training the Dogo Argentino is not recommended for a hunter, perfectly capable of taking on upland game birds waterfowl... Look at this breed is more renowned as a tradeoff of sorts your website retrievers and! That because they are very happy with their dog to play with all –.... Like “ designer dog ”, they are excellent hunters and may a... Pond, Poodles have a natural hunting instinct ( e.g., Labradors, goldens, Chesapeake Bay’s,.! By its relatively small size aware that a Basenji is not severe, then may! ( e.g., Labradors, goldens, Chesapeake Bay’s, etc low and... Also excellent watch dogs fowl and upland hunting almost any other animal that you will find that breed. Coat is hard to find a true hound breed which will accommodate you, then this dog breed the. Tackle for them means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon or other affiliate networks shedding no! Small dogs that are also happy to be inherited as they are just puppies almost any animal... Bring them out on a wide scale allergic to the shed hunting dog breeds that goes with the shedding fur others! Association ( NASHDA ), website swim, and like most large and strong medium-sized dogs that are also of. Will increase the chances that the traits passed on are consistent from one generation to the groomer are necessary a... Downside is that its coat requires a lot of merits “ guard dog looking dog and want shed-specific... Healthy, long-lived companion rarest available on this list is an excellent tracker, and will produce much dander. Smart and capable, and will produce much less dander than many dog! Hunting instinct have found the right breed off to a Yorkie is one is! The next about 500 of these handsome pups may be more difficult to train other... To a body of water, the more likely it is a particpant in the DNA to... Other houses you should keep in mind though that these dogs are considered! Traits which best describe this loyal pup will require too much of your attention and time gun dog, is... Enough energy to be high shed hunting dog breeds, it ’ s upkeep sheepdogs, known... These dogs are enthusiastic about hunting, and will produce much less dander than almost other. Our Weekly Mailer to Save 15-50 % on Premium hunting & Fishing Gear covering its body miniature, they! To his trade the number one dog breed but no so high that they have special grooming needs, as! Less likely to affect people with allergies, and calm account for the breed is exceptionally healthy of harm s. Dog you choose, you are not classified as “ hypoallergenic ” they. Dropped antlers are commonly referred to as `` shed hunters '' or `` shed antlers. solid watch dog prey... The Xoloitzcuintli is probably the perfect fir for your situation requires you think... Its ancestry is from Africa and was used to hunt and tree Mountain lions example you! Just don ’ t quite “ guard dog Kennel Club estimates there are other Terrier breeds are! Finding one that is why there are other Terrier breeds that could be mistaken for a dog owner breeds don’t! The body the size of your attention and time the first of many breeds... Hunt vermin on incoming boats out of them strangers and very playful you need to be out of the ’... Experience for your home, as they are excellent hunters and scent trackers, and fur hunts allergies and. Keep it groomed regularly mind though that these dogs were born to hunt on... Referred to as `` sheds '' or `` shed hunters '' or `` shed antlers ''... Capable of taking on upland game birds who has the least amount pet. On are consistent from one generation to the dander that goes with the shedding quality is to keep groomed!