© Each of the short six-minute episodes also costs upwards of a staggering $250,000 to make. Masha went here and there, she walked all over the forest, and there before her she saw a little hut. Priit Hõbemagi, professor at the University of Tallinn, feels Bear symbolizes Russia and illustrates a "soft power" impending invasion. What's the holdup? Every day the bear would go into the forest for the day and before leaving, he would tell Masha to stay in the hut and wait for him. "You can even use the series as an educational guide," she revealed. That day, when the bear came back from the forest, Masha said to him: " Bear, Bear do let me to to my village for a day. At that time, the animated series had already been translated into 35 different languages. Masha explains the reason of common childhood fears and teaches how to deal with them. In The London Times (via Twitter), critics made a connection between 3-year-old Masha and Russian President Vladimir Putin, dubbing the show "soft propaganda." "Together with a rag-tag group of friendly animals that have made the forest their home," reads the series' official description, "Masha and the Bear entertains adults and children alike, teaching viewers about creativity, loyalty and true friendship." Well, animation takes a long time. "But most of the time the little girl Masha is being a brat, badly behave[s], and disobeys. "She is sitting high up in a tree and she is far away, but she sees all I do and she hears all I say". This educative tale teaches us that caution should never be dismissed. But Masha called out again from the basket: "I see you, I see you! For there in the basket sat Masha alive and well. Masha and The Bear. Although there haven't been any live shows announced in the United States as of this writing, it doesn't sound far-fetched for the popular duo to end up on Broadway one of these days, now does it? In December 2018, Animaccord even announced a campaign with Samsung Italy in which select tablets would be offered with a Masha and the Bear app — complete with "a variety of digital contents from e-books to games and posters." Episode 17, "Recipe for Disaster," secured a spot at no. "Because of that, getting into the list today is an incentive to develop the project further." "The main idea of Masha's Scary Tales is to dispel little children's fears and give them a strong sense of confidence to help overcome their struggles," Denis Chervyatsov, art director of Masha's Scary Tales, revealed to Ink Global (via AWN). He picked up the basket and went on. "Dear me what sharp eyes eyes Masha has", said the bear, "she sees everything". When at last she saw that she was all alone she began to halloo and call to them, but her friends did not hear her and made no answer. Now, their daughter is disinterested in Macko uško. But the village dogs scented the bear and rushed out at him from every yard, yelping and barking. By August of the same year, the beloved internet series became available for streaming in the United States and Canada. According to an interview with the show's creators on Syracuse.com, the series earns 60 percent of its income through the licensing of Masha and the Bear-branded goods. Find out when Masha and the Bear is on TV, including Series 3-That's your Cue!/Fishy Story/Monkey Business/God Save the Queen/All the World's a Stage/Around the World in One Day/Who am I?. "To get that kind of result in the future, you have to invest a lot of effort today," he revealed in an interview (via Sputnik News). Is she right or not? From bush to bush, from tree to tree went Masha. "I see you, I see you Don't sit on the stump And don't eat my pie But take it to Grandma And Grandpa, say I". Created by Oleg Kuzovkov. She baked some pies, put them on a plate, and getting out a very large basket, said to the bear: "I'll put the pies in the basket and you can take them to my Grandma and Grandpa. Masha and they said she was as clever as clever can be, as indeed all our readers will surely agree. For one, little Masha teaches children problem-solving skills along with the ability to accept assistance from friends and family when needed. Masha is no exception./The Bear is preparing to go on a world trip, but a last minute accident makes him panic. But that all changed when she was introduced to the Russian series. Prior to watching Masha and the Bear alongside her brother, the couple's daughter enjoyed watching the Polish stop-motion animated series Macko uško. Even the President of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė, thinks the show carries a "coded political message.". All around was the forest and there was no one to ask which way to go. Animaccord is responsible for both producing the animated series and allowing licensing by partners. Its creators are here, so join in! She thought and thought until she knew what to do. In a 2016 study of children's shows and their effects on children (via Realnoe Vremya), psychologists deemed Masha and the Bear to be the most harmful animated series. ", Another parent expressed similar concerns after letting her daughter watch an episode on Netflix. In 2015, Animaccord announced the addition of Masha's Scary Tales (now Masha's Spooky Stories), a 26-episode series. Despite the praise from a panel of parents, not every mom or dad are sold on the value of Masha and the Bear. As of February 2019, a release date for the fourth season of Masha and the Bear had not been announced, but it's unlikely that the show will be going anywhere anytime soon. Masha and the Bear saving nature together with WWF Russia. Likewise, Lithuanian politician Laurynas Kasinas dubbed Masha and the Bear part of "Russia's soft power toolkit." Masha and the Bear: Masha and the Bear" is loosely based on an oral folk story (English Edition) eBook: Bulatov, Mikhail: Amazon.it: Kindle Store 5. Additionally, abandoning a decade-long series that is so in demand and so profitable just, well, wouldn't make any sense. Watch now all episodes. Clumpity-clumphe went amid the birch trees, up hill and down dale went his long winding trail, and on and on he walked. "We are the first Russian brand that develops the promotion of Russian content all around the world and this is what makes Masha an international phenomenon," Loveyko explained.