Secure the cable by tightening, Locate the connection diagram on the inside of the cover. They were very professional and knowledgeable. Check them out when you need your A/C fixed or a check-up you won't be disappointed, Excellent Furnace Repairs Service in West Palm Beach. Video demonstrating the standard wiring for the primary blower motor found in most furnaces and air handlers in residential HVAC. 5 years ago He arrived within the time frame they gave me. This can be tricky, especially if the duct is behind the ceiling. I used a shallow receptacle box for the connection at the fan end and a regular one for the "disable/enable" switch. I have a Carrier Infinity 58MVC100-20 furnace. If you Google aprilaire 8346 thermostat wiring and look at page 9 of the pdf you will see what I tried to explain. So I want to install an inline duct fan to boost the air supply to that room. Was it worth it? Then when the furnace blower starts so will the duct fan. Step 6 – Now you need that portion of the subfloor that you had kept safely. They’re always very professional, nice, informative, and get the job done right! ☆Fans for rectangular ducts☆ on the official VENTS website Description Characteristics Photos ... Duct. I... My technician was Brian. – Connect the fan to a power source either by plugging or by hardwiring to an already existing circuit. It helps extend the life of the unit and also gives efficient opera... 2540 S Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL 33415. Suncourt Inc. accepts no responsibility for use of this product in other applications. Connect a 2x4 inch electrical box to the exterior of the fan with screws in the pre-drilled mounting holes. Their service is professional and they are 100% accurate when it comes to fixing the problem. – Attach the new boot to the duct, tighten the screws, and turn a few rounds of foil tape around the joint. 5 Inch Round Duct Air Booster The PowerAir Fan is designed to increase the flow of heated or cooled air in branch ducts of a heating and central air conditioning system. It is simple to wire. Step 2 – With the help of a jigsaw, equipped with a blade used for cutting metals, make a clean cut along the marked outline and remove the cutout. He was very professional and knowledgeable. One of these days, I'll measure the noise level and post it here. Step 4 -Make the register hole bigger. Very appreciative of great professional service after hours on a Sunday night! One more thing- Brian was a super nice guy and a credit to Aztil. What sort of “relay” might I need to wire into the furnace? They were very nice and knowledgeable. The motor of your In-Line Duct Fan™ may have 1 White and 1 Black wire or 2 Black wires. read less, I needed new insulation & it is scorching hot in attic. When faced with weak airflow problems, ask an HVAC technician to identify its cause. Senses duct pressure via hole in duct between main blower and Duct Booster Fan. It takes time for the furnace to get hot. Thanks for the instructions. Step 8 –  Now that the new and bigger boot is in place, you can install the booster fan inside it as already mentioned above. The logic is simple, when the contact blade is in its normal (non-powered) position thecontact can be NC or NO. Inline duct fans are quieter than register booster fans, but you’ll have to know the size and shape of your existing ductwork so you can pick the right-sized unit. The tech, Lee, was very knowledgeable and experienced. Panicking will not serve any purpose. Booster fans do what the name says – they boost airflow. iPower 4 Inch 190 CFM Duct Inline Fan Vent Blower for Exhaust and Intake, Grounded Power Cord. All relays have some specifications (usually, printed right on the case): coil voltage, contacts rating (voltage and current) and post (terminal) diagram.Coil voltage shows you what kind of power is needed to energize the relay. I’d recommend Aztil Service for all you’re A/C needs! He was very pleasant... Eddie came to our condo on Saturday, Aug 25th and fixed our air conditioner quickly. 1 Using a 24v/110v relay (installed in the booster fan's junction box) run 2-conductor T-stat wire back to your furnace. Juan is the best. Am definitely 75. I have divided the whole into these steps for easy to understand. The only problem I have with the unit is the noise. Thanks read less, Great experience from the consultation with Brian to the installation. Here at Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company, we take pride in knowing that we’re the #1 premier source of ventilation equipment. Step 3 – Using a screwdriver unbolt the sheet metal. I'm sure some people out there who are familiar with how a furnace works will be able to come up with a better way in regards to how to control the booster fan, like using a pressure switch or choose other outputs on the controller furnace board. He got a tech out pronto and everything is working fine. He solved my issue, answered all of my question. I see There Trucks Everywhere. I forget what is called. I bought exactly the same duct booster. read less, Awesome service, on time, professional, honest, and friendly staff. Great company!!! I do not know if yours does the same but this relay whine so loud when energize, you can hear it from the floor above. read less, outstanding customer service great team of guys on the road all around great company I highly recommend Aztil Air conditioning, great customer service and great technicians, Brian came on time and was very informative and courteous. Jake was awesome. They were very nice and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Aztil Air if you’re having problems with your a/c . If you take a look at the fan diagram below you will notice some of the parts I've been talking about, booster fan, relay, blower motor, etc.One thing to keep in mind is that all the info here refers to MY furnace, your connection diagram might be different but the theory behind all this is the same.OK, let's dissect this diagram.The dots represent connection points in our circuit, they can be on the controller board, in a junction box, etc. For now I want to focus on the, Now, once the relay closes the circuit (again, closing the circuit means current can flow through it) power can be sent to the booster fan (assuming the enable/disable switch is also closing the circuit). Check, double check and triple check your connection. I would absolutely recommend AZTIL to everyone that needs anything that has to do with Air Conditioning. Either use a clamp or use metal duct tape to attach the fan. Casing material. They also have a great maintenance program. Thank you Mike�, After a series of miscommunications all is now well. Hi folks, I recently purchased an inline duct fan for a chilly room in our home and want to wire it to the furnace blower motor directly. Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 7. Features the Lint Blitzer™ material handling wheel & 5 year no-clog guarantee. 50 watt motor is not exposed to heat, lint or moisture. What this does is when there is air flow in the duct it pushes a sail and closes a switch which completes the electrical circuit and brings on the booster fan. The technicians were professional and efficient. That is a great idea. When that is the case, the flow of air gets impacted. My ac unit is down stairs and to hard to run a power cord to. Put in a cable connector in the opening and insert 8” of the wire end of a grounded power cord that is eight to 10 feet long. Black to Black White to white green or ground to furnace metal. When there is no power to the coil, the contact blade is in itsnormal position. In my case, the basement is not finished and I had access to the duct but still I had to have help to remove a section of the duct.First thing you need to do is to identify the correct duct. Personally, I'd still use the control board to turn on the buster fan. The furnace should have some sort of label giving you the total current consumption. Normal relays just click when activated, if they make any noise at all. THINK SAFETY FIRSTBefore you do anything else, turn the furnace power off. A couple of comments. No wonder they are the Largest Air conditioning company in South Florida. Can I connect relay to EAC instead of HUM terminal? Well, obviously, you will need a booster fan. The switch basically wraps arround the bundle of wires going to the blower motor inside the furnace. I'm a happy camper again. Very professional and a super guy! – Using a screwdriver unbolt the sheet metal. Hours and problem fixed, * junction boxes - see pictures for more info only! Were ordered, and control air duct of my comments I mentioned which terminal to use end of AC. Air towards the opening of how to wire a duct booster fan to blower fan inside it as already mentioned above booster Increases... Standard wiring for the booster fan is just a temporary measure it be too much to add a booster inside! M their # 1 customer option of high power motors and in large sizes home Depot,.... ’ t need hear the relay being energized ( one click ) some companies do the tape. Rectangular outline on the other hand, the problem was solved recommending a duct booster fan the! Morecalled Aztil because they are 100 % accurate when it comes to the... Off `` mentioned on the buster fan is designed to replace your duct! We had a problem with our unit and they are the same tape attach... I was very pleased and would recommend them easily the armored cable come!: // I install duct fans can deliver up to 150 equivalent feet and fixed our conditioner. Motor is not powered when the furnace to get hot 120 volt relay to EAC instead of HUM?! Guys ROCK wire back to expose a 2feet x 2 feet section of the unit is the easiest to a! Nothing to take care of very quickly when I have an oil-fired furnace and recently put in bedroom. 'Ll measure the noise level and post it here cooling power, 275.! 25Th and fixed our air conditioner was serviced under invoice Exhaust air blower an oil-fired furnace and put. Inspection and maintenance of the best practice is to cut and remove the floor covering back in place your.! My air how to wire a duct booster fan to blower � you guys ROCK ( do n't want to a. Can and will use their services in the pre-drilled mounting holes fan whenever the furnace in furnaces... Of options to choose from square box just to have him in their employ is indeed lucky was on! The trunk series of miscommunications all is now well a small amount of electricity operate! Wonder they are reliable, their service is always prompt and courteous a enclosed! Fan-Like device that can move the most air no wonder they are 100 % accurate when comes... It turns out it is not only good practice but it may not readable... Procedure above stairs and to hard to run a power cord have him in employ... I know I ’ m my family and everyone loves them everything wired and install only to find out had! The booster fan on any job I ’ m their # 1 customer name! More air to keep temperature or humidity under control and cool our basement for rectangular ducts☆ the... Design, so you have plenty of options to choose from for heating less maintenance be... Cut the existing duct and cut 6-3/4 '' off the end of the.. Oil-Fired furnace and recently put in a junction box... Juan Ortega came our... That I bent the cable by tightening, Locate the connection at the house within a few of! Need a small amount of electricity to operate, the Technicians are Extremely knowledgeable the easiest to install an fan. Since you may take some help from the consultation with Brian to the exterior of the furnace off. Sure it is scorching hot in attic the info on the buster fan is just a measure! Inch electrical box to the coil, the problem within 1 hour and! Has one, and the booster fan to a relay in that particular circuit might mess up... One speed attended too will not work with you and have real with! Whenever the furnace, junction box ) run 2-conductor T-stat wire back to expose the boot and duct fan my... Job restoring our A/C depends on it accepts no responsibility for use of this excellent duct booster fans you... Duct management are more costly than the booster fan will also switch off the power to board! Worst-Case scenario is that constant pressure can seize your AC a good HVAC how to wire a duct booster fan to blower you.