I did not! The Leesa Hybrid, formerly called the Sapira, is a hybrid model from the popular bed-in-a-box company Leesa.Introduced in 2016, the Leesa Hybrid differs from the flagship all-foam Leesa Mattress in that it has an individually pocketed innerspring core in addition to three layers of contouring foam. Leesa did make me a fan of the motion isolation of foam mattresses, so I'll give them that. I visited all my local mattress mega stores and didn’t find anything I liked so.. The Leesa is a low-quality mattress. A place to discuss anything to do with mattresses, mattress accessories, and sleep technology. What I'll chime in about is that Leesa is not a Latex mattress. Does anyone have any suggestions for latex mattresses, or other mattresses that sleep cool and are of medium firmness, within our price range? Press J to jump to the feed. The Saatva Mattress is an innerspring model available in three firmness settings, which may make it a good option for sleepers whose firmness preferences fall outside midrange. I learned a few things. The Legend is a 12 inch thick, hybrid mattress with a Medium Firm (6.5) feel. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The nextday it was a little worse and on the fourth day my neck decided to join in on the now-mild pain. Read our complete Casper Hybrid Mattress Review. Still, it wasn't a complete waste of time. Sorry, should have clarified! I can recommend very few bed in a box type brands. Mattresses Leesa Original Mattress. Construction of Studio by Leesa. Since the launch of the Leesa Original, the company has built upon their success by launching two other mattresses: The Leesa Hybrid, an 11-inch mattress that provides added bounce thanks to its innerspring comfort system. Happy to hear from newer-buyers but I'd LOVE to hear from anyone who has any long-term feedback. I never saw any requirement about sleeping on it for a month and the rep never mentioned it. Given all this I decided to take a look online which is when I found a plethora of these "bed-in-a-box" companies, such as Leesa. Leesa Hybrid vs. Saatva. The top component of the comfort system is 1.5 inches of polyfoam that has a … TL;DR I bought a Leesa. I am currently looking myself, so no, I don't own any of these. My 14-year-old inner spring pillow top was worn down and was starting to give me back fatigue so I decided to begin my search for a new mattress. Even with a review such as yours I would have fears that I will be sorry I bought a mattress without trying it. The reviews inform you which product is the most comfortable, which one is durable and which one offers therapeutic and ergonomic sleep. It arrived a week later and I eagerly set it up and waited for nightfall. There’s such an overwhelming number of choices! I slept on the mattress for 3 weeks and each night was wrought with tosssing and turning with fatigue in the morning. I immediately scanned it and sent it off. Of course, we haven't had to contact their customer service, but just wanted to provide another point of view from a satisfied Leesa owner. In retrospect I probably should have suspected that when I couldn't find any obvious way to post a review before buying. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed I just say screw it, I’ll keep our mattress and have a sore back. Whether you are using a foundation you already have or getting a new one, making sure you have the right size bed is an important part of the mattress buying process. Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review Verdict. It was crap. Nest Bedding and Brooklyn Bedding (now the same company) have several very well reviewed options. Despite the mattress being too firm I could feel my hips sinking just a bit too low. A good two weeks of poking around later and Leesa seemed like the best choice. Better than a headache from all this research. So I came here and posted a thread. The Leesa sets itself apart in its construction in that it uses a greater thickness of its signature memory foam/Avena blend, 2” as opposed to the 1-1.5” that you get from a standard hybrid mattress. I guess I can't get my head around buying a mattress online. 10-year limited warranty. Every mattress I've ever slept on, regardless of how firm or soft, has been useable, but Leesa is in a whole league of its own. But I keep thinking about the option because I did love it so much in the showroom. Kudos to these companies IMO for offering 100% refunds. It's almost like they are all built from the same template. Ugh, fine. For example in your Loom & Leaf review you say: "You like a mattress with a firmness in the 5-8 out of 10 range. On the other hand, most Leesa mattress reviews found in Reddit says that Leesa Hybrid is not recommended for side sleepers, but it’s undeniably great for those stomach sleepers and back sleepers. A full review of the Leesa Hybrid mattress starts by covering how it is built. So I ordered it. Maybe someday people will get off this obsessive fad with worthless trash sold online. It’s insanely plush, actually too plush for my liking so I took it off and we just sleep on the dreamcloud itself. But hey in the end I slept on it for almost a month with constant pain. Best of Luck - I'd love to know what you pick!! I think proceeded to look at my bed frame to see what would be causing me to roll towards the middle, I have an ikea bed frame with the upgraded slats. Their reviews are probably fake. No more rolling in the middle. For those side sleepers who are looking for a Leesa mattress, the Leesa Legend mattress is the best option for you because it can give an excellent level of pressure relief and minimal motion transfer. They were very helpful and no bullshit. It'll be here this Friday. 5-year limited warranty. We apply the same classification standards to each mattress so you can more easily compare apples to apples. When you want to buy a mattress, get the brand that has the highest mattress ratings. In total, the mattress is 250mm deep – the same thickness as the Simba hybrid and other standard … I had to sleep on my (too soft) medium Nest Love Bed for 30 days before it could be returned (donated). The 5-star rated Leesa Hybrid Mattress combines premium foam layers with pocket springs for superior support. Fine then. It's miles above our previous coil mattress. Hence why I'm asking! Since this layer is the same as in the Leesa Hybrid mattress, take a look at our detailed Leesa Hybrid mattress review above. I've been reading on Sleeplikethedead.com , which is, as far as I can tell, the only website that reviews … I've been looking into Essentia mattresses, although expensive their foam is very high density, with a Dunlop latex base. I think the problem with the Leesa was the poly-foam. 1-year warranty. I should receive the mattress here next week or so and will then enable to offer my initial option. This is a well-made, comfortable and supportive mattress. "That's fine," I thought. As I mentioned, I'll likely be able to go to Ikea this weekend, and I believe Avocado and Sleep on Latex as not available to lay on in person. I've been reading on Sleeplikethedead.com, which is, as far as I can tell, the only website that reviews mattresses without bias/bribes. I adore you for actually posting this. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, well then, the Leesa Hybrid could be the right bed for you. To be honest I was somewhat shocked when I put it on a nondescript white pickup truck for a local donation, got a handwritten receipt, and was refunded by Nest. Wednesday came and still no response, so I poked them again and today, exactly 29 days later I received my refund. Original & Hybrid mattress. I get downvoted EVERY SINGLE DAY for trying to warn people of these exact issues and problems BEFORE they go through the hassle of experiencing it themselves. 100-night sleep guarantee. Don't be surprised by the issue with the bad review you tried to leave. The Leesa Hybrid is an unquilted spring core medium-firm mattress model released in 2016 that is manufactured by Leesa. Leesa Hybrid Mattress. It's not bad, really. I had also asked about leaving a review on their website, but they never replied so I can only assume all of those are fake. Skip to Cart Skip to Content. I’ll let you know when I choose! That got me looking at other places for info. I refuse to purchase a Casper based on their business practices, and I'm sure a lot of others have similar issues. Based on research I've done, I'm thinking natural latex will be my first choice. Bed-ina-box's are probably a terrible idea. Well, nght came and I lay down with brand new sheets. Leesa Hybrid Mattress See what the experts have to say Top-Rated Hybrid Mattress - "Leesa innovated their original model by combining their premium memory foam with individually-wrapped pocket springs for a bed that provides comfort, support, and responds to your movements no matter how you sleep." I rather liked the feeling of latex over memory foam. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Still, it wasn't a complete waste of time. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. My mom ordered a foam mattress on amazon with a latex layer and everyone keeps saying how comfy it is when they stay in the guest room! Learn more about the Leesa Hybrid Mattress Experience advanced comfort and support with the best of foam and springs in the Leesa Hybrid: premium foams provides body contouring, pressure-relief and bounce, while 1,000+ pocket springs give you edge-to-edge support. Finally the two weeks passed and the truck pulled up. So in a 29 day span you bought an online mattress, received said mattress, slept on it, returned it and got a full refund? We're willing to spend $1500 MAX, but trying to keep it closer to $1000 if we can manage. The longer I laid on it (about 30 min) the harder it was not to just buy it! Every mattress I've ever slept on, regardless of how firm or soft, has been useable, but Leesa is in a whole league of its own. Get performance ratings and pricing on the Leesa Hybrid Mattress mattress. Still, no other mattress has given me problems like this before. Tuesday came with no response from Leesa. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. In the end the pain subsided but the pain never went away. Your reasoning is specious. In-depth Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review Leesa Hybrid Mattress Sizing and Pricing. That being said, I find it interesting that most of the online mattresses have similar websites and marketing techniques. This Leesa Hybrid mattress review brings together findings from our own testing, coupled with user reviews and manufacturer’s specifications. United States Canada. The BedInABox Dual Hybrid is about the price of the Tempur-Adapt, but with a sale, the cost can be closer to that of the Leesa Hybrid. Yes, the classic Leesa Mattress and the Leesa Hybrid Mattress are available on Amazon. I mean, I think Leesa is just a company trying to upsell a shitty mattress, bit I have no complaints about their customer support. I'm genuinely surprised since this has never happened before. 14 in our rating of the Best Mattresses of 2020 and its Hybrid Mattress places at No. There are these rubber bushings that allow some “sping” to the slat. Leesa Mattress vs. Leesa Legend. The mattress seemed a bit better in the center where their is another support brace in the bed frame. Sadly no! Sorry that your experience has been negative. It’s very vital to their warranty requirements. My current top choice is probably the "sleep on latex" one, but Leesa seems to have great reviews and Avocado has a wool-less option. Then I went to a store and I found something much nicer for a little more money. Monday came around with nothing, then I remembered it was Labor Day and it wasn't just me that had the day off so I waited more. Return Policy. Still it sucks that their Customer Support is that bad. DISCOUNTS BELOW!Get $160 off a Leesa mattress by clicking this link: https://mattressclarity.co/LeesaWE HAVE AN UPDATED REVIEW. I too am in the boat of not wanting to spend upwards of $1200 on a bed, but I'm finding it dang near impossible. Which is why I ended up with them. FWIW. I slept on the mattress for 3 weeks and each night was wrought with tosssing and turning with fatigue in the morning. I love it. A place to discuss anything to do with mattresses, mattress accessories, and sleep technology. All of mine that were on the lighter color slats failed.. they compressed and had zero spring left to them. When I do make a move, still leaning towards latex of some kind, whether it’s a hybrid or pure latex. Reviews Try in Store About Us 2019 Impact Report New; Our … But I'm hesitant to spend the money on it as I need whatever I buy to be a 10 year purchase. BedInABox, a rare mattress company that makes its own … Actually, it became so overwhelming I kind of decided to deal with our current mattress despite some occasional back pain. They told me it would take up to a week to schedule a pickup a return. We decided to hold off because my back stopped hurting and it’s comfy enough for the time being until we move in a year or so. A too-small mattress can make you feel constrained, and a too-large one may not work in your bedroom. Leesa probably has crappy materials, but i think that your pain is not because your mattress sucks, it is because probably it is not the right for you. It is incredible how all of these bed in a box companies claim to have the best customer support and they claim to be 'risk free' but it is actually a pain to return their stuff on most of them. I did check out the ikea one in person and it was WAY too firm for me. Ikea has a very well-priced latex mattress, which is one I'm particularly interested in (especially since I'll be right near an Ikea this weekend and could pick it up!). After a full 7 nights the pain would not go away. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I then hit up Home Depot, got some 3/4” plywood ($100 worth for king bed) and then also reenforced the center beam with some blocks of wood. TRY IN-STORE. I've read a lot of posts in this subreddit about the Leesa mattress. I took a gamble. Yep. Two guys were there to take it away and they handed me the reciept. I'm really looking at the Bloom hybrid option from Brooklyn Bedding. That same day I decided to poke Leesa support and start the return process. Backed by their warranty it’s a no brainer. Hopefully it will provide you with detailed guidance as to whether the Leesa Hybrid is the right choice for you. My story began almost exactly one month ago. Original & Hybrid mattress We know you’ll love your Leesa – but we give you up to 100 calendar nights to sleep on it and let us know if you don’t like it. MATTRESS GUIDE. LEAVE REVIEW. Have not laid on any of them yet. The Leesa Legend, Leesa’s newest and tallest model, is particularly well suited to customers who prefer a higher profile bed. @dogcatsnake did you ever order a mattress? And it was only like $200, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I also assumed most of the posted reviews on their sites were fluffed by shills, but there seemed to be a general consensus around the internet that Leesa was ok, so we took a chance. Now I am disabled, so going out is rather difficult for me especially since I am not legally allowed to drive and I live in the US (Taking the bus to work is not fun.). The mattress is also backed by a lifetime warranty. Try dreamcloud if you don’t like it returns are pretty straight forward. Since I had already put together the King bed frame for it and given my old queen mattress to a relative, I was stuck with it. Reading about some of these newer online companies has me SUPER hesitant. I tried a few brands. Which ones, out of these have you laid on and liked the most? This is the first mattress I will have purchased as an adult with any kind of money, and I'm a pretty light sleeper in general. I had a similar experience with purple, i left a bad review on their sheets and never got published. JUST MAKE SURE YOU GET A GOOD MATTRESS PROTECTOR! Oh dear, it seems I made the WRONG choice. Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review Breakdown. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Leesa Luxury Hybrid 11 Inch Mattress, Innerspring and Premium Foam, King at Amazon.com. Our Leesa Hybrid mattress review highlights this new luxury hybrid mattress from the makers of the Leesa Original mattress. It was a fairly painless process, if you don't count the back and neck pain. This is what is important to us, aside from comfort: -something soft enough for me, firm enough for him (I'm a side sleeper, he's a side and back sleeper and he thinks he prefers something somewhat firm, I think he probably means medium-firmness), -we prefer to have no wool, but may concede on this because it appears we might have to. I need to go see some of these in person. It took a long time to get a refund. I am in your same predicament and ended up going with flobeds.com. There are three aspects that make up our assessment of comfort and feel. I think that you have to be very lucky to get a mattress without trying it and match it correctly. I unfortunately can’t offer any insight yet. Consider that everyone jerks off to Leesa and it is considered one of the "best" bed-in-a-box pieces of shit. A week later they scheduled a return..... in 2 weeks... by the Salvation Army. Put the plywood down, then put the dreamcloud back on it. Well, these upgraded slats failed. For what it is worth, I really liked flobeds’ customer service over the phone. I slept on the thing for two more weeks, dreading every night when the time came to go to sleep. Editor's Note(s): The Leesa Hybrid is the second offering from Leesa Sleep, released in 2016 in follow-up to their flagship all-foam Leesa mattress. The mattress has five layers, three in the comfort system and two in the support core. I found something nicer at a store. No one tests mattresses like we do. The Saatva is available in Plush Soft (4), Luxury Firm (6), and Firm (7.5). I've slept on 6 inch blocks of foam where I sink all the way to the base without problems. I’ve been debating the lower end option myself. But if people have terrible things to say about the Ikea one, would probably not test it out. I've read the review on The Sweet Home along with the Consumer Reports review. Standard ground shipping is free of charge for all orders in the contiguous U.S. Read Our Full Idle Hybrid Mattress Review The company earned acclaim for its first mattress, the Leesa Original, an all-foam offering that is the focus of this review. BRANDS. DEALS. Mattress protector. That does not make every mattresss that can be bought online a low-quality mattress. Press J to jump to the feed. [Request] For those who've purchased an online mattress/bed (Casper, Leesa, Ghostbed, Purple, Tuft & Needle or others) — especially those who’ve owned it more than a year or two — are you happy with your purchase, and how has it held up since you've bought it? We've been sleeping on my boyfriends mattress, which he has had for 6 years, and the last week or two I've been having some lower back pain and have been pretty restless, so I think it's time for an upgrade. Trouble was it was a Saturday, so I sat and waited (and watched videos and stuff for the next two days, along with other generally lazy things.). Idle Sleep’s 18-month sleep trial is one of the longest in the mattress industry, giving you plenty of time to make a decision about keeping or returning the Idle Hybrid. Studio by Leesa is the latest addition to the Leesa family. Now this old one was full size and I barely fit on the thing, so I decided that my next sleep surface would be a queen since they're just a tiny bit longer. "I'm sure it takes a week or two to get used to a new bed.". INSANT support. I'm hoping someone can give me some info on some of these brands. No decision made. The next morning the fatigue was worse. Most have densities, either in the support foam or comfort foam, or both, that are just sub-par. Read our full Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review. The Sapira by Leesa has a latex "feel" layer, but it's not latex. Got a dreamcloud and gotta tell ya.. I struggled finding updated and genuine reviews of anything.