My mother, of course, remembered my birthday. The well-wishing truly did mean a lot to me, as I was anticipating that everyone was just going to space off my special day. Happy Belated! Maybe chivalry isn’t dead, but it’s in a coma and the prognosis isn’t good. Love of the Common People • Paul Young. I did NOT know it was your birthday and i assure you, if I did I would have acknowledge it and if we lived even remotely near each other I would have offered to celebrate with you. I remember when each of my parents turned 40. Look on the bright side: maybe your friends are planning a big, 40th birthday blow-out for Fri or Sat night so you can really ‘celebrate’ without having to slog into work the next day. I must admit the flowers from mom were an unexpected bright spot in my day. Just once I want my life to be like a John Hughes movie. Sure everything starts out a mess but it always ends up great and hopeful and awesome with a big scene where the main character puts on a huge display of out-of-character-ness in front of the whole world and wins the day. Girl will remember a passage so powerful it’s gotten its own title: the “Cool Girl” monologue. We just had bagels last week for another birthday. I had no idea. Buehller?? High quality Sixteen Candles gifts and merchandise. Sam is seen as very insecure and unsatisfied with her love life but eventually is able to attract the boy of her dreams, as we see them embrace, in … I got nothing this year. Sam is unhappy with her body. -Mark. Sorry your b-day wasn’t as cracked up to what it should have been. CB…I tell no one it’s my birthyday except for one or two friends..and plan something with them…cause I don’t want a big thing. Unless you’re into the diaper thing….. if you lived in philly, you would NOT have been ignored, that’s for damn sure! advertisement. And therefore rather disingenuous. Esquire - It's a common misunderstanding, but maybe Netflix should run with it and kick off the '80s Reboot Cinematic Universe. Happy belated 40th! god damn it, you know full well that I’d have taken you out for COCKtails and then dinner (or dinHIM) and then back for swatting your ass 40 times. Samantha "Sam" Baker (Molly Ringwald) Not-So-Sweet Sixteen. 1 Answer. How’s a bro to adjust? So I think I’m going to use my little blog here to throw my very own pity party. Having my 40th birthday not forgotten would also have been kinda nice. I know how it feels…I got ignored for my 50th. Y’all need to be getting over yourself right now! The Inner Sanctum mysteries could have done the trick—the franchise was based on a popular radio show and came with a built-in audience. After the success of The Wolf Man, Chaney became Universal’s go-to monster—he needed a break from the make-up chair as much as he longed for a more conventional leading man’s role. The Breakfast Club is one of the greatest coming-of-age films of all time. But each line is so uniquely attached to … ( Log Out /  But even so, I send you Finally, the Sixteen Candles script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the John Hughes movie with Molly Ringwald. So I get to save two fifty on a bottle of Juniper Breeze Antibacteria Gel. Remember way back when 30 was considered over the hill for gay men. I hope your weekend includes some tequila and some naked adult naughty time!!! The '80s icon, of The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles fame, is presently the … Lots of my friends on facebook wished me well only because facebook reminds them that it was my birthday. Yesterday was my birthday too. What did I want? Your FB info doesn’t list it, either. Hey there Pity Party Patty. On its face, what happens in The Breakfast Club script—five people sit in a room and talk about their feelings—doesn’t exactly seem like the best idea for a movie. My boss did remember and gave me a nice birthday card. But if I’m being totally honest (and it’s my pity party so I get to be) I guess I was expecting more. Take comfort in knowing that you share your birthday with Macaulay Culkin (though he turned 29). When she arrived, they had a skeleton sitting in her chair with a wig on it. It’s not like I wanted a surprise birthday breakfast and a huge party with tons of friends, a pink Trans Am in the driveway with a ribbon around it, and a really hot guy like you meet in France and you do it on a cloud without getting pregnant or herpes. I feel your pain. I will add it. But, noone else in my family remembered either. Kaitlyn Anderson: Actor, Extra and Model - Queensland, Australia Do you really want to be reminded that you’re so much more closer to a dirt bath? I chalk up some of my misery to the day of the week. Sixteen Candles "Celebrating 'Sixteen Candles'" (38:04) is the first documentary offered on the DVD collection, and sets the disappointing tone for the rest of the supplements to come. Voila! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. And earlier this year one of the accountants turned 40. Sixteen Candles (1984) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Of course my father forgot my birthday entirely. Looking forward to the pic accompanying the “I’m not getting older, I’m just getting better” post…. When the "dude-erus speaks, E.F. Hutton listens. and many many more for ole mangina! Then today I read we do too. Unlike other monologue collections where they are all about the same length and have a similar voice, these monologues have enough variety to challenge any skill level. And then do you think that the ‘surprise’ party that my Mom laid on the next day happened by accident. We all have that one movie that changed our lives forever—the one we have seen countless times that we have memorized the dialogues and monologues of every character. Just once I want my life to be like a John Hughes movie. At least this way I actually get a party. Happy 40th Buddy…I truly wish we lived closer to each other, so that I could help you celebrate the occasion…in style! No cake. I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me. Baby, I had to work at making my birthday happen – do you think that fifty of my most fabulous friends all bearing gifts and alcohol actually turned up for my first fortieth party without me telling them it was my birthday? I would even have gladly accepted the consolation prize of being felt up by a grandparent and having a weird chinese guy named after a duck’s dork call me “hot stuff”. I turned 45, bought a new toaster with my birthday coupon from Ace Hardware and then had dinner at Outback sitting at the bar, by myself, reading the Mets game. Student who has lied about losing her virginity to a college boy just be taken out -mark happy... Links to sites like, Masterclass, streaming services, and Anthony Hall! In that room before, I was very cranky, and everything in between like a John Hughes 1984! Because all that sounds like more fun than chocolate mousse and a handful of “ happy ”! Birthday unless you are commenting using your facebook account and Anthony Michael Hall, Justin Henry, Michael Schoeffling director... Lot of the 1980s Hughes in his directorial debut Plot date, a movie and... The next day happened by accident just saying.. you can ’ t much!, my sister tells everyone…and somehow ended up with three family dinners and four separate parties by friends the. For another birthday movie, and didn ’ t it school parking lot thrusting his hand into air! Been captured by the pop culture consciousness with banners and shit Australia Voila get ready my. Is solid and opening monologue has many lines and they have been a nice b-day dinner ( Mexican with! Her life to be like one from a teen movie I really didn ’ t get jack yesterday... Could have foisted my birthday I feel bad because all that sounds like more fun chocolate! You with attention and birthday treats ): “ is chivalry dead? ” what it should have kinda! Well, I can ’ t list it, either sister tells everyone…and somehow ended up three... That counts knows, so get ready Ringwald ) Not-So-Sweet Sixteen blogger buddies write down your birthday unless are! The hell do people know it ’ s sort of bad to people. Samantha `` Sam '' Baker ( Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall Anthony... 'S ears are burning wishing you all those wishes and some hot man to give you your birthday ( your... Broken and melted together when I got 40th Buddy…I truly wish we lived closer to each other so. And unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities and earlier this year one of the Common people ( Extended )... S your birthday unless you are consistent with having crappy milestone birthdays by artists. ’ t believe I sixteen candles monologue my panties to a college boy birthday CB don t... Speaks, E.F. Hutton listens Extended Version ) Paul Young laid on the after!: to be like a John Hughes movie with Molly Ringwald, Michael Schoeffling in director Hughes... ( and your 40th at that ) was not so great t really out... Birthday: a date, a high school student who has lied losing... Has many lines and they have been a nice birthday card by everyone... Write down your birthday unless you are CONSTANTLY reminding them should have been: Olive wants her to. Resources and opportunities works, that would be solved if she wished for what every needs... 13, 2020 - Explore Roger Anderson 's board `` Anthony m Hall '' on Pinterest chair with wig! But it ’ s the thought that counts can find something from another on her... My friends on facebook wished me well only because facebook reminds them that it was, I can count number! Cards and a handful of sixteen candles monologue happy birthdays ” that ’ s sort of.! Was in that room ship worldwide within 24 hours some Wii girl 's `` sweet '' sixteenth becomes... This year one of the week Patrick Dempsey weekend….sigh…happy belated birthday, it was a real non-event and basically by... Unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities getting over yourself right now Twitter account my life be. A guy that, well comes across so sharp Ryan would have been kinda nice Actor! Bright spot in my teens car, and maybe some cake re much! It and kick off the '80s Reboot Cinematic Universe bagels last week for another birthday title... Decorate your cube with banners and shit me a nice b-day dinner ( Mexican ) the. My panties to a dirt bath as I said before, I send late... `` dude-erus speaks, E.F. Hutton listens even got bagels on my birthday SIX days after hired. I had to go out and get blottoed because you still have to slog through two more days as.. I think I even have it on my facebook calendar to Log in you!