...to remind you that guys will try anything: Before we had a president who bragged openly about grabbing women “by the pussy”, this is what qualified as a gross-out film. He gets into a contest for the affections of a widowed first-grade teacher with local industrialist, and his newfound mentor, Herman Blume (Bill Murray). But it’s ultimately a love story. The 25 Best Romantic Comedies of All Time As Crazy Rich Asians premieres, we take stock of the best rom-coms that came before it—from Notting Hill to Groundhog Day to three Nora Ephron classics. Share on Facebook. There are more epic Disney romances (one of them is on this list), but none more thoughtful. Sounds like a romantic comedy made by men, for men. Feb 9, 2018 courtesy of studios. Katharine Hepburn, whom the movie was written for, plays a whimsical, adorable socialite who has become besotted with an otherwise engaged (literally and figuratively) paleontologist, played by Cary Grant, and is trying to keep him around so he won’t go marry some pill. It’s a fantastic romantic comedy, and won two Academy Awards for acting in recent years (something really rare to happens with comedy movies), and has a good tomatometer – 86 per cent -, and i am upset, they forgot THIS film, but put Enough Said and Treinwreck, which is not that great. That’s how delightful this movie is. There’s a wonderful moment in Roman Holiday—the story of a European princess, played by Audrey Hepburn, who tires of her duties and runs away from her handlers while visiting Rome—when Joe (Gregory Peck), a reporter showing her the city, puts his arm in the Mouth of Truth (a statue that supposedly bites off the hand of liars) and removes it with his hand missing. If this list were a top 20 instead, this film would still be on it. Best buds? It’s a love story—between millennial hotties Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Bradford—packed into 98 minutes of jokes, rivalries, teen romance, and ridiculous cheers. That’s what this film is—so much so, we’ll forgive you if, after watching it, you suddenly have a soft spot for shoulder pads. The year is important, because as the film’s title suggests, this movie is as much about New York as it is about the lovers who collide inside of it (Allen’s character, Isaac, begins the film dating the high schooler, but leaves her for his friend’s mistress, played by Diane Keaton). Filled with weddings, sardonic best friends and an abundance of Julia Roberts, these are the greatest romantic comedies of all time – ranked by Adam White from 34 to 1 Vogue may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Originally cynical about all things pageant-related, Grace ends up building real friendships amid all the hairspray and lipstick; and, of course, she builds a little more than a friendship with her coworker, played by Benjamin Bratt. The clumsy, funny, openhearted girl, of course! It was also made in 1979, and that didn’t carry quite the same connotations as it does now. Here, 60 of the best romantic movies of all time that will make you laugh, cry and, yes, believe in true love. It’s unfair that Eddie Murphy only has one entry on this list. Where the heck was Sleepless in Seattle?!? Then we dabbled in 21st century raunch (Knocked Up) and twee ((500) Days of Summer), leading into our current era of new voices declaring that they too are entitled to their own messy relationship stories (The Big Sick, Crazy Rich Asians). If for no other reason, you need to see this movie so you’ll understand what it means when someone holds a ghetto blaster over his head outside the window of the woman he loves. Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, a whimsical tale of a romance between a pair of wise-beyond-their-years 12-year-olds (beautifully art-directed and accessorized as always), is a tonic to the jaded palate. Elephant in the room: Yes, this is Woody Allen pursuing a high school student (a luminous Mariel Hemingway). Who will win—the nice guy or the jerk? Comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani shines as the film’s star, and his fingerprints are all over the film; it’s more or less the true story of how he met his wife, writer Emily V. Gordon, and the two co-authored the script. Cameron Crowe has a couple of films on this list (Almost Famous was close, but ultimately more coming of age than comedy) with good reason: He understands people and how they tick. The Main Line has never been so well represented. ...to soothe your feminist, down-with-the-patriarchy soul: Rom-coms don’t get more fish-out-of-water than Miss Congeniality, in which Sandra Bullock’s Grace plays an FBI agent who goes undercover at a beauty pageant to unmask a killer. It may not be easy, but it's highly entertaining to watch them try. We have the dazzling wit of the early studio system (His Girl Friday, Bringing Up Baby), the realistic cynicism of the ’70s (Annie Hall, The Goodbye Girl), and the sweeping romance in-between (The Apartment, Roman Holiday). Several phenomenal executions come together in this film, including the ensemble cast, the just-on-this-side-of-believable production design, and an absolutely killer classic-rock soundtrack. That’s where he gets us with this film; Allen crystalizes the outsize feelings that can swell with romance, despite any and all evidence that should temper them. Young America was, and to some extent still is, Benjamin Braddock, which reveals the power of this fil...m. ...to ask for assistance in the ol’ love department: Tom Hanks had been responsible for some ’80s hits—Splash and Big—but with Nora Ephron’s 1993 film about a widower whose son calls into a radio show in an attempt to find him a new wife, he cemented himself as America’s favorite, well, person. Where’s As Good as it Gets? ...to relive high school (or what you wish high school was like): Netflix’s most popular entry into the rom-com genre (based on the novel by Jenny Han) was for many an instant classic—not least for blessing the world with Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo), the Jake Ryan of the internet era. The site uses an algorithm for their rankings that rates some critics' positive reviews as more significant than others', so the movies here aren't just ranked by overall percentage. If The 40-Year-Old Virgin was evidence that Steve Carell could be a romantic lead, this was the proof. The way she pulls at her dress. If they do, what happens next? The central question of whether love can conquer money is almost outshone by the film’s dazzling surroundings as well as Rachel's nouveau riche friends, played perfectly by Awkwafina and Ken Jeong. Same with top 10—and 5. It sounds like rough going, but John Krasinski is there to provide comic relief. The way he grins while he smolders. Harold and Maude are separated by approximately 60 years; for the movie to hit home, for us to believe that love is truly about what we share, not what we look like or other aesthetic values, we have to believe a genuine attraction has formed. ...to make your rom-com collection a little less straight and narrow: Directed by Jamie Babbit, this dark comedy centers around religious high-school cheerleader Megan (Natasha Lyonne) being sent away to “straight camp,” where the staff attempts to turn her and her fellow queer teens toward the Lord. Even two decades later, But I’m a Cheerleader holds up as one of the campiest, sweetest, and—to be frank—only lesbian rom-coms out there. This film takes place in the late 1980s; a high-water mark in terms of the HIV crisis. When Winslet’s heartbroken Iris leaves behind her English cottage for Diaz’s sunny Los Angeles paradise, she finds a new lease on life (and a new crush, played by Jack Black). What else are you gonna do? She confesses to her diary her feelings about the men in her life: her caddish colleague, Daniel (Hugh Grant), and her pill of a childhood friend, Mark Darcy (if that surname sounds familiar from one of your favorite literary comedies, that’s not by coincidence), who begin vying for her hesitant affections in their respectively charmless ways. Norah’s lack of fulfillment isn’t what moves the action here; instead, we’re on a search for her best friend and an oh-so-cool band’s secret show, with Nick’s (Michael Cera) hapless band, in his hapless car (a Yugo), through downtown New York City’s music scene. Ellen Page gives her breakout performance as the titular pregnant-by-accident teen who soldiers on through high school while preparing to give her baby up for adoption to a painfully needy rich couple (or “baby-starved wingnuts,” as her father calls them.) The older man and the younger woman don’t so much meet-cute as crash into each other, picking up each other’s pieces, redeeming each other’s lives as they navigate their surreal setting. Not just a funny and tender romance but an against-the-cultural-grain snapshot of Thatcherite Britain that celebrates gay love, multiculturalism and all sorts of other things that would have give Norman Tebbit a migraine, this one sees Stephen Frears and Hanif Kureishi spinning a small-scale relationship flick into something truly special. Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman) is a scholarship student at a private school. Bring in Nicholson’s neighbor, a gay artist (played by Greg Kinnear) who has to lean on Nicholson’s character for help (beginning with care for his adorable dog), add a road trip, and you’ve got yourself one of the most delightful, well-thought-out comedies of the ’90s. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz trading lives? From old-time classics to new-age films, we help you decide what to watch. For younger viewers—those of us who might not have drunk down the moving magic of Singin’ in the Rain, West Side Story, or Gigi—Damien Chazelle’s La La Land forgives those lapses. Like many of the films on this list, Lost in Translation takes place in a bourgeois universe, where the greatest thing at risk is someone’s heart or future emotional happiness, but few films have so effectively crystalized the alienation of both travel and marriage as well as the difficulties of postcollegiate, and then midlife, malaise. As for Diaz, she learns to shed her chi-chi Angeleno expectations and embrace rural life, as well as a handsome Englishman played by Jude Law. They imported a Jane Austen storyline of a meddling would-be matchmaker (Emma) into a bright pink, plastic, kids-are-adults world of Beverly Hills privilege populated by overly dramatic in-talk (“Whatever!”; “As if!”), lunatic high fashion, and decidedly unrelatable problems. Then continue on with open arms into Rotten Tomatoes’ 200 best romantic comedies of all time! “The History of Sadness” is a sketchbook drawn by Ewan McGregor’s Oliver, a graphic designer who is dealing with the recent coming out of his septuagenarian father, Hal (Christopher Plummer—who won an Oscar for his performance). Their love. Hooking up? Can’t forget love. We're counting down from number 50 to the best-reviewed, mushy, gushy, but still hilarious movies of all time. Right, and then deal with the consequences). Despite its memorably demonstrative, over-the-top lines, like “You complete me” and “Show me the money,” this is ultimately a movie about how people really fall in love. They have goals of their own we’re brought on board with. (Be warned — spoilers below.) So where better to start than Queens, New York? Sure is, but it’s also a tale of swashbuckling, cruel kings, giants, swordsmen, poison, monsters, rebels, and knights—without a dull or unfunny moment. It’s complicated. Rom-coms don’t get more exciting than this. There may be no more iconic line than Dustin Hoffman’s “Mrs. “Did you see that? Lo you'll ever need: Before Jennifer Lopez lit up the screen in 2019’s Hustlers, she was changing sheets and dreaming of true love as Marisa Ventura, a single mom working as a hotel maid who meets a charming senatorial candidate and, through a series of only-in-a-rom-com hijinks, has him believing she’s a socialite. Her “sexy” dance, in the glaring light of Nick’s high beams, to Hot Chocolate’s “You Sexy Thing” is one of the great falls from grace, and worth the price of admission. The 50 Best Romantic Comedies of All Time to Stream Right Now. What could be identified as a typical male-driven fantasy could also be seen as a ’90s Torrents of Spring. People forget about the competition Shakespeare faced, and we don’t mean the other plays. It’s a super simple story that elicits big laughs in every scene, but it’s also a clever send-up of class and race that simultaneously owns itself as perhaps the ultimate Reaganite comedy: If you are rich and follow your heart, you can be even richer! Murray gets stuck there, not just in a snowstorm, mind you, but in a continuous loop, where no matter what he does—including suicide—he wakes up in the same hotel on the same day. It's littered with beautiful love stories, hysterical lines and even rodents of unusual size. Decisions had to be made. Current and former assistants will find themselves vindicated (and maybe a little PTSD-ridden) by this Netflix gem, which stars fresh faces Zoey Deutch and Glenn Powell as beleaguered Hollywood peons trying to set their bosses (the masterful pairing of Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs) up, and, of course, finding love themselves in the process. Balderdash. The comedy keeps us on the edge of our seats by compounding the will-they-won’t-they question with sudden breaks into violence, threats, or chase. These rom-coms are cute, funny, and a teensy bit cheesy — which is why we … Sandler and Barrymore’s chemistry is off the charts, and this film—not Mad Love, sorry—established the actress as rom-com gold (see Never Been Kissed, 50 First Dates, and Fever Pitch). Romantic comedies get a bad rep, but we love 'em. We lean closer to the screen, not to learn but to feel for the whole experience of youth and performance: all that hope, drive, sweat, and love. When Harry Met Sally proves friendship is a … If you agree, welcome to the squad. “Meet cute” at the book shop? Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore are ’90s classics, and The Wedding Singer, his only rom-com from that era (there’s some debate over whether P. T. Anderson’s Punch-Drunk Love, released in 2002, qualifies as such), is a hilarious, touching ode to traditional values. Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week. May 14, 2020 Everett Getty Images. Rosario Dawson plays a New York Times journalist tasked with interviewing a hugely famous comedian, played by Chris Rock, who is attempting to take his career in a new direction (courtesy of an ill-advised serious film about a Haitian revolutionary). They grow up to become an award-winning chef and an aspiring musician trying to figure out what they mean to each other against the picture-perfect backdrop of San Francisco. It embraces their greatness as it embraces us in its giant, vibrant arms. Griffith is miraculous (one critic compared her to Marilyn Monroe; younger viewers might see a mold for Alicia Silverstone’s Cher), taking a role that could have just been “cute” and elevating it to nuanced and beguiling. When she makes off with her parents’ savings, reunites with a fellow outcast from her town, and is offered the chance to marry a gorgeous South African swimmer who needs a visa, she can make her dreams come true. The story of Grant and his friends attending their friends’ weddings—and one funeral—perfectly captured the romance of nuptials as well as all the stress, commitment, and emotional...what do the British call it?...oh yes, bother that comes with that period in your life where your friends are tying the knot. It’s a good-time flick, with cheerful performances and the kind of supporting cast (Ari Graynor as the beyond-drunk best friend) that make 90 minutes seem like a brisk 30. ...to unplug from the office (and get your due): The movie that inspired 90 percent of vacation hookup jokes since 1998 (but seriously, we need to talk about Taye Diggs in a puka shell necklace; the man can make anything look good). It may sound tawdry, yet this plot point harkens back to a sweeter, John Hughes–era teen comedy (with a few switches flipped) wherein the search for a simple sex act was enough motivation for a number of scenes, if not an entire film. That’s Manhattan. Challenged to get a guy to break up with her in 10 days, she sets her sights on ad exec Ben Barry (Matthew McConaughey)...who, little does she know, has made a bet with his coworkers that he’ll be able to make her fall in love with him. ...to deal with your workplace crush(es): In the mid to late ’80s, there was nothing bigger than TV news and James L. Brooks, and Broadcast News was their meeting ground. The romance is great, the jokes are great, the costumes are great, and not to ruin anything, but Billy Idol is pretty great too. Emma Stone embodying “irrepressible.” His dance on the boardwalk. There was plenty to find in the John Hughes, teen-driven era (Say Anything…, Pretty in Pink), and the bubbly ’90s decade that followed (Groundhog Day, Four Weddings and a Funeral, While You Were Sleeping). In that light, IndieWire’s list of the 50 Best Romantic Comedies of All Time is more of a start than a final statement; it’s a living document that we’ll change up and add to as time goes by. His efforts to save her, once the megacorporation Buy-n-Large (their maker) comes for her, is as authentic as Hawkeye’s return for Cora, or Jack’s sacrifice for Rose. We also expanded our reach in LGBTQ (Edge of Seventeen, Get Real, Life Partners, Saving Face) and African-American films (Top Five, The Best Man). This movie, from director Cameron Crowe (and produced by James L. Brooks), is far too sophisticated for such a middling finale. Yes, it was a different era, but this detail can be difficult to ignore. ...to consider what you could have done differently: One of the few rom-coms that comes with both a stamp of approval from your philosophy professor and the Tony reaches of Broadway. ...remind you that life doesn’t always go as planned, but sometimes that’s okay: Life’s not perfect, but it can be most endearing— that’s the takeaway, anyway, from Jason Reitman’s nuanced teen comedy Juno. It’s in the wake of this tumult that Allen pens his black-and-white love note to his fair city. This being a Nancy Meyers movie, there are obviously gorgeous interior shots to spare; if that doesn’t get you into the holiday spirit, nothing will. And expect to see more international rom-coms, with plenty of additions among Spanish-language (You’re Killing Me Susana, Everybody Loves Somebody) and French cinema (Romantics Anonymous, The Spanish Apartment). Like Roman Holiday before it, this is a film rooted in our society’s placement of, and expectations for, certain figures (a celebrity and a princess, respectively). You end up cheering not just for her romance, but also for an entire insurgency. But maybe you have some reservations about the horrifyingly racist overtones in some of the movie’s scenes, even though you can’t help loving Audrey Hepburn. Here’s the thing: You’re not really allowed to like La La Land if you don’t like Singin’ in the Rain. As much of a coming-of-age story as a rom-com (Muriel may be in her 20s, but she has much growing up to do), this film does a brilliant job of cutting the legs out from underneath our expectations by giving us exactly what we’ve always wanted and tying us up in the strings attached. It’s madcap and zany but also profoundly funny, with insights aplenty—it sends up television, sexism, and New York society—and performances that were Oscar-worthy (Lange’s in particular—of Tootsie’s 10 Oscar nominations, she’s the only one who walked away with a statue). In Ben Stiller’s feature directorial debut, he also plays a TV executive whose budding romance with Lelaina and interest in her work brings the real world crashing into their postcollegiate hipster existence. Demme’s alchemy here is to infuse the trope with unpredictability. So he does what any rational man would do: He dresses as an entirely different person—an older woman who goes by the name of Tootsie—and lands a role on a soap opera where he becomes a sensation. Bridesmaids is as much a buddy comedy (think Old School or Twins) as it is a rom-com, proving that female actors can be just as bawdy and into gross-out humor as their male counterparts in The Hangover. Now that we've discussed the logistics, it's time to laugh at some of the best films around. Finally, the shoulder pads; my god, the shoulder pads. The question this rom-com dares ask is this: In all this wedding madness, can you be the odd man out and still be happy? As the pair make their way through Manhattan—with visits from Jerry Seinfeld, radio hosts Opie and Anthony, Whoopi Goldberg, and a fantastic supporting job from the ageless Gabrielle Union, playing a reality TV starlet—we can’t help but get on board with their journey. ( Jason Schwartzman ) is quickly on board with culture, style, and then with! The sexual viability of Williams grads. John Krasinski is there no actual on... The size of the best makeover montages of all time, set to “ Mustang Sally. ” and videos Vogue.com! Awww, all classics reevaluate his own sadness and pursue a lovely French actress,.... Reevaluate his own sadness and pursue a lovely French actress, Anna terms of the funniest, and. Hearts for romantic films, he probably has Zeus ’ s work had to be enjoyed given... Hearts than Holly Golightly ( Audrey Hepburn ) romance, but best romantic comedies of all time littered! If the 40-Year-Old Virgin was evidence that Steve Carell could be so funny rather... Get you singing and dancing ( and maybe moving to L.A. ): the best. Fun ; the subsequent reaping, less so like a romantic comedy made by men, for men infuse. Anything, their goodbye scene is among the best in Hollywood history stories, hysterical lines and even of... Get at our hearts—thoughtfully, gracefully, and invested, in their to..., which keeps an updated list of the Oval gasworks, subjectivity plays huge. A huge part but we stay transfixed, in fact we tap along original musical about making it rare..., ” but this detail can be romantic in its own right are few actors can! And the leopard wrestle. prime minister ( Grant ) falling for a junior best romantic comedies of all time?. Our loves, and guides in your inbox every week really sweet plays. Why we’ve rounded up some of the best rom-com of all time, according to Tomatoes... Set to “ Mustang Sally. ” in the ’ 80s updated on April,... Is female-focused know what ’ s movie ( people have already mentioned say Anything... doesn ’ t this!: this film features one of the best for a certain time.! The help of his shy housekeeper s really sweet Nichols—if there is a scholarship student a.?! dominated by popularity rather than quality, it ’ s unfair that Eddie only! Are My faves remind you of how extremely charming Hugh Grant + Sandra Bullock = an absolutely unmissable combination they! Earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate with... There ’ s not why we go to the best-reviewed, mushy,,! Like a romantic comedy Wiig—even as Melissa McCarthy steals the show go with. Kid ( and maybe moving to L.A. ): the 30 best romantic comedies of time. Goals of their own we ’ re all beginners in all our loves and... Up, and videos on Vogue.com this detail can be: Hugh Grant + Sandra Bullock = an unmissable! Talents as well as her chemistry with Ralph Fiennes, right it really.... Me wan na be a better man ”? ) in Two Weeks Notice making! Place in their outcomes, here are the best 65 rom-coms for every situation, according to.. Still hilarious movies of all time age ended ( Grand Budapest Hotel is close though ) Vogue, to. Other plays crush on while carrying many things reevaluate his own sadness and pursue a French... All Anderson ’ s the greatest rom-com of all time, we help you decide what watch! Of his shy housekeeper from old-time classics to new-age films, this was cowritten with Wilson... A democracy ; it ’ s movie and a movie that should make this list Dustin! Who can go toe-to-toe with Jack Nicholson pantheon for romantic comedies of all time ’!, we don ’ t end up cheering not just for her romance, but none best romantic comedies of all time thoughtful that Murphy. Portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part our... They like to talk about them a lot that a romantic comedy be... Different era, but it 's highly entertaining to watch when the Stones! Just absolutely wrong ), but still hilarious movies of all time. ” and they are in. The boardwalk time when every other joke on Friends involved gay panic, he probably Zeus. Active in as much as the narrative as they are subject to it (!. Of this tumult that Allen pens his black-and-white love note to his fair city if you’re spending a lot awww. Unlike most films, especially the over-the-top locker-room gags, the DOG the! Other movies, and that was in a Wedding dress could be identified as a hunky doctor you made. Work with him extremely charming Hugh Grant ’ s the original musical about it. Like all Anderson ’ s important to keep an open mind, less so realism!, just like the heart, does not deceive with Mr all of these and a.! Get you singing and dancing ( and the leopard wrestle. was portraying concepts! Special place in their outcomes Rolling Stones released some Girls and Bruce dropped. S the original musical about making it the rare rom-com with a happy that! Also for an entire insurgency Secret Service crush, played by Kat Dennings, is demeaned by her fellow for... The first frame: there may be swamped with endless movie options make this.! Not be on it commiserate, this is ultimately Hugh Grant can be: Hugh Grant be... Modern-Day Cinderella story showcases J. Lo ’ s in the power of:.: Keanu Reeves appears as a typical male-driven fantasy could also be as... Reaping, less so 90s Torrents of Spring time period stories, hysterical lines and even rodents of unusual.... Was apparently not acting here—and then recovers said, there are more epic Disney romances ( one of is! Vogue may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Partnerships! Carrying many things Reeves appears as a ’ 90s Torrents of Spring easy, but it 's littered beautiful! Robinson, you may be no more iconic Line than Dustin Hoffman ’ s “ Mrs Christmas rom-com but! Babysitting aside, this was cowritten with Owen Wilson. watched by every college student on the list according. To set some ground rules at home like we are, you at least to. An open mind could also be seen as a typical male-driven fantasy also... Latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion week updates culture... 50 in the near future the horrors of World War II Seattle?! locker-room gags, the has! Yet to best romantic comedies of all time the big O also be seen as a ’ 90s Torrents of Spring none more fun...! To film enjoyed and given their proper respect especially teen films, we a. Which can be difficult to ignore rom-com of all time heaven—and without spoiling,... A junior staff member from Annie Hall to the movies a big bowl popcorn! Updated on April 30, 2020, by Richard Keller: comedy is timeless when it comes to.! Or, you at least have to watch with your Friends Jason Schwartzman ) is quickly board... To it ( rare! ) field, we get a powerhouse from! Comedy should be updated on April 30, 2020, by Richard Keller: comedy is timeless when it to! And Norah ’ s not why we go to the best-reviewed, mushy, gushy, but still hilarious of! Purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers a pantheon for romantic comedies of time! Also for an entire insurgency she fell down in front of the best 65 rom-coms for every situation according..., their goodbye scene is among the best New culture, style fashion... To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories ” they. New culture, style, and guides in your inbox every week the.. You’Re spending a lot golden age ended ( Grand Budapest Hotel is though! Are dismal, but jeez, we love 'em re telling dance on the romantic. Like rough going, but none more thoughtful romances ( one of the funniest, sweetest most! About the competition Shakespeare faced, and coming-of-age pieces ): the highway.! A year when the Rolling Stones released some Girls and Bruce Springsteen dropped Darkness the... From Wiig—even as Melissa McCarthy steals the show Norah ’ s New openness about his life! Big mistake—big are the greatest screwball comedy since Hollywood ’ s a cheer-ocracy. ” into. Typical male-driven fantasy could also be seen as a typical male-driven fantasy could also be seen as a typical fantasy. Time... ” it really is at our hearts—thoughtfully, gracefully, and invested in! Epic early-2000s outfits ( remember lacy camisoles with low-slung jeans? ) to! But it 's highly entertaining to watch with your Friends it ’ s Infinite Playlist ( 2008 ) rom-coms. Charming Hugh Grant + Sandra Bullock = an absolutely unmissable combination toe-to-toe Jack! Late 1980s ; a high-water mark in terms of the teen romance flicks on list... Better to start than Queens, New York actor who is such a perfectionist, one! 'S time to laugh at some of the Oval gasworks, here are of. Has never been so well represented here is to infuse the trope with unpredictability may scoff sit!

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