Łazienkowa waga elektroniczna Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 White z oficjalnej polskiej dystrybucji. 400 grams don’t move me so much personally that the difference would play an important role for me. The material is plastic, but the upper side is provided with hardened glass, on which our weight is reflected by 160 LEDs. I much prefer its styling to that of the Nokia Body and Fitbit Aria smart scales. $59.95. 6.36. – Ultrathin design with slim body, you can store it anywhere The Xiaomi Body Composition Scale 2 is an affordable and feature-packed product that does more than read your weight. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 is one of the most popular products from the Xiaomi fitness line. I really wanted this, after looking at all the reviews I saw they are all mixed. What do you think of smart personal scales? 今回はXiaomiのスマート体重計Mi Scale 2を購入したことを紹介します。Mi Scale 2はガラス素材で構成され、文字盤を画した独特なデザインがおしゃれなスマート体重計です。日本語対応のMi Fitアプリで体重を簡単に管理することができます。ただ、測定できる項目が体重だけというのはちょっと残念です。やはり体脂肪ぐらいは測定できて欲しいものです。 After the Xiaomi Mi Scale, Xiaomi has already launched the second smart scale, the Xiaomi Mi Scale 1. Xiaomi Smart Weight Scale 2 Main Features: – Housing material: tempered glass. For comparison, I also used the personal scale in the gym, which was more based on the results of the two smart scales. Everyone knows how a scale works: be in the bathroom, stand on it and be happy about the result – or start crying. Thus, from my point of view, an advantage, also because the latter can be bought everywhere. Samsung Health - Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 not detected. Smart scales, however, offer even more possibilities to monitor your body balance over a longer period of time thanks to the app supplied. – Ultrathin design with slim body, you can store it anywhere Xiaomi’s update policy was more than praiseworthy in the past. 13 precise data points measurements. The Mi Scale is quite compact at 30.0 x 12.5 x 2.5 cm, but weighs around 2 kg itself. – You can know 13 items in 1 test, uses advanced BIA technology to analyze 10 of your body data For everybody who is just as confused as we are about the different kind of models: here is an, overview of all the Xiaomi Smart Scale models. Mi composition scale 2. Average XIaomi Haylou Watch 2. The design and interface of the app is very nice, but not always everything is clear, but chic. What the Mi Scale lacks here in measured values (which is not much), it makes up for with its range of functions. US$26.59 US$49.99 47% Off Original Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2 TWS Earphone Wireless bluetooth 5.0 … Personally, I find the eufy P1 visually more appealing than the Xiaomi scale. My heart beats for all kinds of DIYs, smart and technical gadgets. This makes sense if you want to evaluate health conditions and the like over a longer period of time. Visceral fat: fat that surrounds the internal organs. Váha Mi Body Composition Scale 2 je vybavena technologií Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0. This isnt Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2, this is THE composition scale. Tempered glass. LED display. The smart scale will know once you touch it and it will be activated. By submitting the form, I accept the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. Owners of a Mi band can monitor their bodies even more extensively. For the fact that most scales are not visible on the floor, I find the Mi Scale optically very appealing, even if I like the eufy P1 a bit better. Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 scale is an intelligent device that allows you to monitor the weight of you and 15 close people, and then analyze the results in the Mi Fit application. Although these are estimates, it is much more precise than other scales. Main Features: Very Poor. BMI (Body Mass Index): indicates whether you are normal, underweight or overweight.