My projects have included fire origin and cause investigations, fire damage assessments, root-cause investigation of a capsized Gulf of Mexico production platform, failure of offshore mooring chain, and failure of subsea production equipment. University of Michigan, MSE Electrical Engineering Systems, 1996. Having been exposed to networks, through my MSE polymers courses, helped me conceptualize the possibilities of what can happen through network connections. I was also the Editor-In-Chief for the UM Engineering Newsletter for the Student Government and a teaching assistant for ENGR 100. Electrical Engineering has evolved to include Electronic – I believe we are living in a renaissance of Electronics. Add us on Snapchat! Students without an engineering bachelor's degree are eligible only for the MS. She was a Visiting Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department after working at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she had various roles on the Technical Staff. MSE Electrical Engineering Systems, 1996; MSE Biomedical Engineering, 1997, MSE Electrical Engineering, 1997; MS Physics, 2001, MSE Computer, Information, and Control Engineering, 1974, MSE Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2016, University of Michigan, BSE Electrical Engineering, 1994, University of Michigan, MSE Electrical Engineering Systems, 1996, University of Michigan, MSE Biomedical Engineering, 1997, University of Michigan, Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, 2000. Mark has also worked as the Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of Coatings Technology and Research and has had experience teaching as a Part-Time Professor at Wayne State University. After earning my Master’s degree at the University of Michigan, I returned to the US Air Force Academy in Colorado to join the Dean of Faculty as a Civil Engineering Assistant Professor. My path was (and still is) one of an entrepreneur. University of Michigan, Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering, 2004. Edward H. Kraus Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Geological Sciences Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering Professor Emeritus of Earth and Environmental Sciences Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences. The program provides, depth in the area of automotive engineering, breadth across engineering disciplines of electrical, industrial, mechanical, manufacturing and materials engineering, and an opportunity to gain industrially relevant engineering design or research experience through a capstone project or a master's thesis. That is what I am currently doing! University of Michigan, MSE Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, 2015. Core Faculty; Carlos Aguilar, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering. Prof. Ferdinand Poudeu, 2126 HH Dow, (734) 763-8346, Ms. Renee Hilgendorf, 3062D G.G. Had I known, I would have been more purposeful and exploratory as a student. MSE 480 (Materials and Engineering Design) and MSE 489 (Materials Processing Design). Youtube. Materials Science and Engineering. Learn from my mistake. Fax: (734) 764-3451. Completing a postdoc in a new field was challenging but extremely rewarding in opening new vistas and creating a new appreciation for chemistry, biology, and medicine. Be involved and try new things. Fax: (734) 936-8820. Harvey Mudd College, BS Engineering Science, 1962, University of Michigan, MSE Computer, Information, and Control Engineering, 1974, University of Michigan, Ph.D. Computer, Information, and Control Engineering, 1988. Effective. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Faculty Grant is a new funding opportunity. RESEARCH INTERESTS: Current research interests range from the molecular dynamics of mechanical relaxation of polymers to the high-speed, low-cost manufacturing of fiber composite structures and includes fracture processes in polymers and composites and failure analysis. Our alumni are always eager to talk about engineering. I was a heavy participant in a number of student organizations and strongly recommend it to anyone in school. Phone: (734) 764-6473. University of Washington, BA English Literature, Sharif University of Technology, BSE Electronics Engineering, University of Michigan, MSE Electrical Engineering, 1997, University of Michigan, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, 2001. Take Flashlights, Post-it notes, Ear Buds, Speakers, Thermostats, Cameras…all have existed prior yet still improving! Sensors, actuators, (input and output with control systems) have found applications that improve the performance and reliability & usefulness. ), MSE starting salary: up to $82,000 with B.S.E., up to $110,000 with M.S.E. Join the Faculty at CSE. They provide an outstanding way to build experience and create friendships and contacts that will last far longer than you might expect. NCRC, B26-133N. Later, I decided to move to Europe, working at a CubeSat company called GomSpace located in Aalborg, Denmark. Work with faculty leading major projects on autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, monitoring and protecting the Great Lakes, and more. Linkedin. This is done by allowing students to “double count” up to eight hours of credit in graduate-level classes toward both bachelor’s and master’s requirements. It taught me how to think and how to solve problems by way of applied logic. The first question after I tell them that is usually, “What is that?,” followed by, “How does that apply to what you are doing now?” Honestly, I see more similarities in Healthcare Operations and Materials Science than I did in Materials Science Lab. Your passions are rooted in your past; therefore, try to expose yourself to as many things as possible in the short amount of time you’re in Ann Arbor. Faculty Accomplishment Awards. The master’s degree requires 30 credit hours and is intended for the student with a technical undergraduate degree who: View profile. Before becoming a Professor at MIT, Elizabeth had a plethora of teaching roles, including here at the University of Michigan! Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2102 Introduction to Materials and Manufacturing Prerequisite: Chem 130 or Chem 210. Look around you, almost everything was “designed” by somebody for some purpose, and time will tell which are useful and elegant. Then completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University from 2001 to 2003 and became a faculty member at the University of Washington. There is SO much you can do with a MSE degree, you just have to be creative in regards to how you apply the concepts. Subscribe to The Michigan Engineer newsletter! James currently leads the team responsible for alloy development within Apple Product Design, but was previously a co-founder of two companies: Boston Metal and Electrolytic Research Corporation (ERC). This diversity gives you a lot of freedom in your career choices. Academic Coach. Professor of Chemistry and Macromolecular Science and Engineering. That same first job interview required me to give a presentation to the interviewing team. University of Michigan, MSE Biomedical Engineering, 1997. At the end of graduate school, Babak spent a year at a startup company (Nanovation) working on integrated photonics devices for telecommunication. Society of Women Engineers (SWE) – I loved the variety of events, things they did on campus and in the community, and the friends I made there. Individualized plans of study will be developed by students in consultation with an advisor. / 1109 Chemical and Nuclear Eng. Michael Atzmon., © The Regents of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 48109 USA, Network, Communication, and Information Systems. As a graduate student, I particularly enjoyed my Mechanical Properties of Polymers class taught by Prof. Yee. Intercultural Intelligence – looking around the table to understand who is at the table and who isn’t to think holistically about all the stakeholders my project may affect. How does your Master’s degree differentiate you from others? Every project, program, and customer had (and still has) special nuances, thus in our business, it was never the same game twice and I am always learning and evolving. University of Michigan, Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, 2000 . Professor: Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences; Materials Science and Engineering. Finally, get registered! He also led process development of die casting technology at BuhlerPrince and was responsible for materials and process development related to beryllium, beryllium and metal matrix composites, and bulk metallic glasses as the Vice President of Technology and R&D for the Materion Corporation. Lola Eniola-Adefeso. Amit Misra, Professor and Chair of Materials Science and Engineering, and Professor (by courtesy) of Mechanical Engineering, and Jyoti Mazumder, Robert H. Lurie Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Professor (by courtesy) of … All three of these organizations were filled with fantastic students, faculty, and staff. 2392 Duderstadt Center 2281 Bonisteel Blvd Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2094 734-936-2332 Creativity & Innovation- Brainstorming different solutions through various problems and using the resources/ constraints given. The Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) is a traditional 30 credit coursework option.REQUIREMENTS: Take Required Course – MATH for Naval Architects (NA 500/ 3 credits), these credits will also count towards the required 15 NAME 500+ level credits Take at least One (1) COGNATE Course (level 400 and up) – An Engineering or another Math course outside NAME 734-763-7543. Kelly Arnold, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering. Jay Whitacre Trustee Professor in Energy. The second semester of our capstone project I joined a project that focused on chronic disease care. 200 Level Courses. Brocker, Christoph. My career path has given me the opportunity to work with a diverse set of people across a variety of different space projects and missions, which helps continually challenge me to be a better engineer. Previously, Timothy worked as a Supplier Development Engineer in Special Processes for SpaceX overseeing the performance, quality, and improvement of all SpaceX suppliers handling metallurgical treatment. Biking around the lakes, kayaking and paddle boarding, hiking, playing with my dog, and trying out new recipes for my friends. Michael Atzmon. Career Summary. Last, but not least, meeting up with fellow Wolverines to cheer on Michigan football, basketball, or baseball. After graduate school, I became a Managing Engineer for Exponent-Failure Analysis Associates, where I conducted failure analyses and large-scale accident investigations for the chemical, refining, marine, agricultural and dry cleaning industries. Quantum Signal. Favorite Classes: Materials Engineering Design and Polymeric Materials.