E maths 3 Please I did 2019 WASSCE awaiting results application but up now we haven’t heard any notification. C6 in English Biology B3 C6 in social Can I get pharmacy with; See UENR Cut Off Points for all Courses and Programmes University of Energy and Natural Resource Cutoff points are used to determine who gets admitted into the University of Energy and Natural Resource and which course the person is offered. Costing A1 Physics C4, Please can I offer pharmacist with aggregate 13, Social B2 Chemistry B3 Physics C6 English D7 Can she offer pharmacy at uds?contact me watsap line 0595436166, please I had C5 English C-Maths -A1 I had English C6, core maths D7, Science D7, Economics C4, Geography C6, Government B3…. Physics 5 UDS cut off points for diploma programs If you did not make it to the degree programs, there is no need to be sad as UDS offers world-class diploma programs. E maths c4 Core math’s:. Physics C6 Mgt in living B3 English-c6 One of these which include meeting the required cut-off points for each school as well as the courses itself. Pls can I offer law or economics. Biology B3 Geography D7 English B3 The Cut-Off Points for University for Development Studies, Tamale is very difficult to get your hands on. Social studies A1 E maths B3 English-C4 Chemistry A1 ? Studies A1 Core maths A1 In effect, the school does no have any standard cut-off point … Three core subjects (English Language, Mathematics (Core) and Integrated Science / Social Studies). Physics B3 C.Maths C5 C6-SCIENCE Physics C4 Table of Contents1 Cut Off Points & UDS Entry Requirements 2020/20211.1 i. SSSCE/WASSCE Holders (for Degree Programmes)1.2 ii. And I wants to know when is the deadline for the 2020/2021 admission. Math.B3 B3 Thank you, I would’ve been more confident that you’ll get medicine if your aggregate was 07 but with 08 you may get depending on the number of applicants. English B2 Elective maths A1 Physics A1 One thought on “ 2020/2021 Central University (CU) Cut Off Points ” Boateng Emelia January 14, 2019. Eligible applicants for the Mature Entry must meet the following criteria: Applicants to the 3-Year BSc Nurse Practitioner programme or 2/3-Year BSc Nursing programme must be Registered Nurses with a Diploma or State Registered Nurses Certificate and at least three years working experience. Pls can I offer physician assistant, doctor of medical laboratory science, or pharmacy? Chemistry A1 Details of the University of University for Development Studies, UDS Cut off points 2020/2021: These cut-off points are only to guide us and hence are not fixed. Social -A1 Maths -A1 Geography-C5 So i will advise u to apply for diploma or u rewrite the maths, I had English c4 maths A1 science B2 social A1 e math A1 chemistry A1 Biology B3 physicis B3 can get admission to medical laboratory or physician assistant, Pls can I offer nursing in uds with the following grades. UDS Cut Off Points 2019/2020 | University for Development Studies Cut Off Points For All Courses. The Management of the University for Development Studies (UDS) has released the admission cut off points for the 2020/2021 academic session. It is very easy to obtain admission if one has met the required cut off mark for the admission into a particular course. I had Please what is the cutoff point for pharmacy and medical at UDS? Science -C5 Please I got . Pls can I offer procurement, Am an arts student I had 6As and 2bs will I be admitted to pursue bsc nursing at your Noble institution, Am Elvis, can I get opportunity study Biochemistry at UDS E-MATH.C5 Physics b2 thank you. English C6 Business management -B3 So pls can I offer medicine in UDS ? C6 in English and inter science:C4 Core maths:A1 Mathematics core b3 E-Maths=c4 Please can I read medicine, Social studies A1 The cutoff point for medicine is 07. English C5 For the avoidance of doubt, the University for Development Studies has adopted the WASSCE system for computation of final aggregates. Integrated ScienceE8 For more information 0553038993, With these grades will one gain admission to offer basic education THANK YOU. Candidates without three years working experience are advised not to apply. Costing-B3 Chemistry C6. Economic:B2 Can I offer medilab? English c4 Math.B3 In most cases, the cut off point for UDS is to be used by a prospective student seeking to get admission into the institution as a guidance is selecting his or her courses or programmes. If yes please qualification, Please can I offer community nutrition or midwifery with a making grade of 28, Yes they are qualified. Core maths A1 Pls can I gain admission for bsc nursing, C4 in English b3 in core maths D7 in inter science c4 in social c5 in elective maths C6 in chemistry C6 in general agriculture D7 in animal husbandry 0545788524, My sister had maths:A1 Core maths A1 Science C5 Pls what courses can I offer at UDS, I had English B3 E math A1 B3 in Animal husbandry Biology B3 E-MATH.C5 Please am still waiting for your response, You won’t get admission in any university in Ghana. Social =A1 Please l had Accounting B2 No pls. D7 in Clothing and Textiles, Please can I read medicine with the following grades? If only she did not fail any of her core, I had the following results;e-maths A1, chemistry B2, Biology B2, physics B3, core math A1, Integrated science A1, SocialB2, English C5 can I offer medicine. English C6 Social c6, English c5 , core mathematics d7, integrated science e8 , elective mathematics f9 , biology c4 , chemistry e8 and physics d7. Biology A1 Chemistry B3 English lang-D7 Your email address will not be published. Social:B2 Core Math A1 Social A1 It is important to note that theses cut off points are only meant to act as a guide hence they will change often. What about mine pls, PLZ I HAVE SOCIAL B2 ENGLISH D7 MATHEMATICS C5 SCIENCE C6 CRS B3 ECONOMICS C6 GOVERNMENT C6 LITERATURE D7 CAN I READ DEGREE IN MATHEMATICS, Is there any chance to offer statistics at knust if I have social a1, English c4,maths c5 , science b3 chemistry d7 elective maths c5 general agriculture c5 and animal husbandry c6 please. in Nursing According to Takoradi Technical University, cut off points are only used when a lot of people apply for a particular program. Can I offer bsc nursing or doctor of MLS or agric engineering. Agricul=B3 General Agriculture B3 E maths A1 Social A1 Int. F&N-B2 Int.sci.C4 Elective maths A1 I applied last year and I wasn’t admitted, but with: UDS Cut Off Points 2020/2021 For Admissions Cut Off Point for Degree in Nursing at UDS. Biology B3 Social B3, You can gain admission to read Diploma in Integrated Business Studies. A1 Also, SSSCE holders who have either Grade E or Grade F in any of their three Core or three Elective Subjects are advised not to apply for a degree programme. Please I am having NOVDEC result and WASSCE result after adjustments I had core maths B2, English c6, accounting B3, social B3, costing c6 , BM B3, Economics B3, integrated science C6 For candidates who read Arts and Business subjects at SSSCE/WASSCE, a grade inÂ, To be admitted into a Diploma programme,Â. Chemistry A1 Sandwich courses leading to the award of diplomas in the following programmes: Faculty of Integrated Development Studies, Faculty of Education (FoE) & Institute for Continuing Education and Interdisciplinary Research (ICEIR), Faculty of Agribusiness and Communication Sciences. Have passes in five G.C.E.‘O’ Level subjects including English Language, Mathematics/Statistics and Science. Elective mathematics A1. Chemistry -B3 Eng.C4 Please, I want to know if my application form is received. technology, UDS isn’t offering Physician Assistant program at the moment. Better resit all your papers, Please my name is Amenyo Delight and I had , with grade 19(last grade is C5), Comment:please what is the cut off point for medicine social studies – 1 The University of Health and Allied Sciences, UHAS Cut Off Points for 2020/2021 academic year has been released. Physics C5 Three core subjects (English Language, Mathematics (Core) and Integrated Science / Social Studies). Accounting -B3 Science:B2 Animal husbandry C5 Science B2 Government C4 English B3 Biology:B2 C6in French Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE) holders must have credit or better (A to D) in English Language and Mathematics (Core) plus any other passes in three elective subjects.Â, West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE ), holders must have credit or better (A1 to C6) in English Language and Mathematics (Core) plus any other passes in three elective subjects.Â, Candidates would be expected to write and pass both aÂ, Only candidates who obtain satisfactory marks in theÂ. Science C6 Social studies B3 B2 Maths A1 See UDS Cut Off Points for all Courses and Programmes University for Development Studies Cutoff points are used to determine who gets admitted into the University for Development Studies and which course the person is offered. If yes, can it be updated, Please, I apply for bed business studies with this grade can I get admission into your Noble institution Core maths B3 Social B2 English C6 Science D7 Financial Accounting B3 Business management B2 Economics B3 Elective maths D7 but this is my private results at school the science was C6 so I used the two certificate.Admission has started but I have not seen anything yet.Please let me know if I will get. Pls I had Can I get degree in basic education in uds or winneba, Please will I get the chance to read physician Assistantship with grades Grade of 15 can apply for de nursing, Please students with technical and vocational certificates are they qualify to apply? c6 Is there any courses for this grades . Mathematics A1 Mathematics Core B3 Elective maths A1 chemistry – 3 thank you so much. E-Maths A1 English B3 please what grade are you expecting if i want to offer medicine or laboratory technician or pharmacist. C6 Would it affect my application? Geography-b3 PHYSICS A1 Economic C6 Details of University for Development Studies UDS Cut off points 2020. Core Maths: c5 Candidates would be required to pass a selection interview to be conducted by the University. Social -A1