A few days later, Jugyeong ran into Suho, who had … He returned to Korea briefly to gather his things, deciding to stay in Japan to take care of his father. Suho wiping yogurt off Jugyeong's lips (Ep. 42). After Suho was discharged from the hospital, Jugyeong mustered up the courage to confess her feelings, but a panicked Suho cut her off before she could say the words. #true beauty #suho x jugyeong #jugyeong x suho #suho lee #jugyeong lim #yaongyi #line webtoon #webtoon #webcomic #screenshot #spoiler. After meeting Jugyeong and developing a crush on her, Suho shows a softer, more endearing side. Gender Seojun Han saved both of them from bullies and the three became best friends. Ahh thats a really hard question! Don't get me wrong! He sought solace in a nearby comic book shop. Live Streaming. I definitely love him with all my heart but it’s hard choosing between him and Seojun! He rarely smiles and stares coldly. Suho suffers from depression. Seyeon eventually debuted through an idol-selection television program, where he faced criticism from netizens. Many people have mistaken them thinking they are a couple, but they are actually siblings. Jeongyeon (TWICE) When you see TWICE’s Jeongyeon with long hair, it’s not hard to imagine her … Suho and Seojun were once friends but they share a bitter history. The Three S's (Ep. By onion5634 Ongoing - Updated May 18, 2019 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. Suho later caught the two actors together, and in his anger, dropped his phone and stormed out of his home. Wish the actors playing the role for “true beauty” satisfied my mind and soulthe role for suho seojun and jugyeong is just out of my imaginationmentioned actors are also cool but idk something’s missing. though considered very handsome by many, suho often carries a stoic or. After Seyeon's suicide, Seojun turned his anger and frustration towards Suho, blaming him for Seyeon's death. They often cook for each other. After his family moved to Korea from Japan, Suho transferred into a local middle school and was constantly bullied by his classmates for being half-Japanese. Two years later, Suho appeared to have lost contact with both Jugyeong and Seojun. Two years later, Jooheon returned to the entertainment industry to provide for his family again, promising his children that he would always take care of them. He quickly moved to Japan to avoid being in his father's presence. When he returned, Seojun maintained his hostility against him, throwing insults and almost starting up a fight. Jugyeong was the first person he felt comfortable conversing with after his return to Korea. If ever, fans will be getting a drama that will be focused on being a beauty Guru and being a … However, he is warmer towards Jugyeong, especially without makeup on. She was friendly and shared his love for horror comics. He has a personal psychiatrist, who prescribes him pills to take for his mental illness. ╭══════ ♡ ══════╮ Jugyeong Lim ╰══════ ♡ ══════╯ 푇푎표 ˎˊ˗. After Seyeon's suicide, Suho became cold and expressionless, isolating himself from others and refusing to form new friendships. Height He has a light, warm-toned complexion. Suho Lee is an undergraduate student at MIT studying engineering. A few days later, Suho transferred into Saebom High where Jugyeong attended but did not recognize her face with makeup. On her quest to look beautiful, she shaved most of the hairs off, leaving only two very thin lines that she fills in with a brow pencil. Status This series of events led Suho to estrange himself from his father. Relatives Jooheon quit acting and succumbed to alcoholism in despair. Japanese-Korean Translate. He sent Seojun to meet Jugyeong, with whom he had arranged a date and flew to Japan immediately. After Suho was hospitalized from a car accident, Seojun finally let go of his anger to take care of his friend. Jugyeong x Suho 6.2K Reads 104 Votes 8 Part Story. Drama He was jugyeong lim s first love interest and was best friends with seojun han in middle school. Suho Lee is one of the main protagonist of the WEBTOON true beauty. Student (former) College Student Oppanology. Oct 31, 2020 - Explore OtakuLinda's board "Suho" on Pinterest. Though Seojun maintained a snarky attitude in Suho's presence, Suho attempted to avoid starting conflict. He was Jugyeong Lim's first love interest and was best friends with Seojun Han in middle school. During a study session with Jugyeong and a couple of friends, Suho briefly thought he recognized Jugyeong as the girl from the comic store, but quickly brushed it off, thinking the difference was too drastic. Viewing Jugyeong as her love rival, Sujin attempts to sabotage her both socially … Today at 6:54 AM. love triangles are always a pain in the ass aaaa. She was later diagnosed with cancer and passed away when he was in middle school. 3-16. True Beauty Suho Jugyeong Together Again By Yaongi. After Jugyeong showed him a picture of Woohyun, Suho encountered him going on a date with another woman. It is unclear whether or not Suho was aware that Seojun had feelings for Jugyeong. During this time, Seojun and Jugyeong regularly visited him at the hospital to support his recovery. Follow. The guy gulped. Jooheon insisted they were false rumors, but Suho witnessed the couple together at home one day. The family grew closer in the period of grief, Jooheon promising to always put his family first. Though initially offended by his standoffish attitude, she found a connection to him through a mutual love for horror comics. 36) Suho and Seojun were once friends but they share a bitter history. Suho I Love Yoo Webtoon Webtoon App Musaigen No Phantom World Webtoon Comics Anime Love Couple Chibi Couple Manhwa Manga True Beauty. Suho is described as "tall and foreign-looking," with dark, ash brown hair and light hazel eyes. See more ideas about Suho, True beauty, Webtoon. After his estrangement from his father and Seyeon Yoon's suicide, Suho appears to suffer from depression and regularly visits a psychologist for treatment. After his late mother's death, Suho witnessed his father suffering alcoholism as a coping mechanism. He envies Seojun's ability to comfortably socialize with people, especially Jugyeong. like is he returning or nah does anyone have a clue?? Suho lee is an undergraduate student at mit studying engineering. ... lee suho. Seojun is mad at jugyeong because jugyeong was hugging suho the day before…” Kung sa tingin mo ikaw na pinaka stressed na tao sa mundo well di … Overtime, the two became close friends. 이수호 Unlike Seojun, he does not bother styling his hair or dressing up other than on occasions. He supported her in her dreams of becoming a professional makeup artist. Two years later, Suho appeared to have lost contact with both Jugyeong and Seojun. He is also pretty quiet and speaks only when necessary. Seojun Han. That night, Seyeon phoned Suho, who could not pick up because he had left his cell at home and committed suicide. IDK TOO 16 notes; 17 Jul 2019. is suho still a character at this point?? Suho X Jugyeong. Asked by Anonymous. Suho is also an excellent cook, specializing in Japanese cuisine, and occasionally makes food for his friends and sister. he was jugyeong lim's first love interest and was best friends with seojun han in middle school. He is straightforward and usually gets to the point in a conversation, skipping small talk. When she recommended comics at the comic shop he reciprocated her kindness and purchased her a gift. She … He only speaks when necessary, and does not consider other people's feelings when interacting with them. He is first mentioned helping Suho clean up the graffiti on his desk. Characteristics Lee Soo-ho In middle school, Suho was supposedly friendly despite being bullied by his classmates for being a foreigner. She maintains a nice girl image in public and uses her beauty to manipulate others. Eye color This is just a fan fiction cause I felt like it! Suho seems to be very close with his mother and cares about her a lot. At the airport before his departure, Suho finally confessed to Jugyeong, who admitted she returned those feelings. But one time my freind told me thats someone in the comments in the comic said that they paid money so they can see the newer episodes.. UMM sould i tell you, should i be a spoiler? His clothes are all from high-end brands, as his father is a wealthy, famous actor. Suho is described as cold and distant. Portrayed by In middle school. Pin … Hair color this video is unavailable. He is fluent in both Korean and Japanese, having lived in both Korea and Japan. When Suho had to move to Japan after his father collapsed, Seojun brought Jugyeong to the airport so they can all say their goodbyes. 1,232 Likes, 39 Comments - °°☆milk tea☆°° (@strawberry._.creamsicle) on Instagram: “Episode 100 spoilers!! The fact that she came from a problematic family, among other reasons, causes her to take out her frustration on those around her. True Beauty Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Since then, Seojun and Suho appear to not have maintained contact. Current Suho is the son of a famous Korean actor, Jooheon Lee, and a Japanese woman, Yuko. Before she plucked them, she had very bushy, shapeless eyebrows. Jugyeong and Suho. Personal data Age Suho is very studious in academics, unlike Jugyeong and Seojun, and spends most of his free time studying. Baby (by Selena Lee) Will suho and jugyeong ever get back together? In the following weeks, Suho continued to ask Jugyeong to spend time together, whether it was studying or hanging out after school. He became generous and giving, initiating conversation with her and smiling more often. Seojun saves both Seyeon and Suho (who failed in trying to save Seyeon), but kept to himself and rejected their attempts to befriend him. Suho attempted to reconcile with Seojun, who refused profusely even after befriending Jugyeong. Gandang si Jugyeong lang nakakaalam Suho niyo nagpamake-up na nga kay Jugyeong hahahha Ang Gandaa! seojun x jugyeong x suho | true beauty | humor. In any case, stay away from her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Without makeup, many people consider Jugyeong to be unattractive, including her own family. he was jugyeong lim's first love interest and was best friends with seojun han in middle school. Suho canceled the date and flew immediately to Japan. All credits go to the original creator of True Beauty! Jugyeong accidentally met Suho for the first time at a comic book store she frequented.