In the west you can ski from almost 2000 metres and down to the fjords. The Norwegian Fjord Horse is one of the world’s oldest and purest horse breeds. If I can't find one this height, I want to know if 14hh is still a good size. The integrity of the breeding pattern has made it one of the oldest and purest horse breeds. It is popular for riding, recreational cart-driving, sports, and farm work. The Fjord has many of the characteristics we know only from the Przewalski horse, the last remaining wild horse. It is linked to a load pulling, working horse, or a ‘draft horse’. Norwegian Fjords are known for their small and compact body. Norwegian Fjords. The breed's conformation differs from many other breeds in that it is a blend of draught horsemuscling and bone, with smaller size and greater agility. Height (hh) 14.0. After living many years in isolation in Norwegia, they're perfectly conditioned to withstand harsh elements. Join us as we trot through the facts! The mane is dark in the centre and light on the outside. The head is medium-sized and well defined with a broad, flat forehead and a straight or slightly dished face, with small ears and large eyes. According to the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry (founded in 1949): • About 5,120 horses are in the registry. This breed is now bred in many European countries and in America. They are incredibly athletic for a draft-style horse, including the ability to jump up to 4 feet in height. Height (hh) 14.0. Fjord. The small body is muscular, agile, and stronger than it looks. The height of the withers should be between 135 and 150 cm. These horses retain the “primitive” markings of their wild ancestors: a black dorsal stripe that runs from the forelock to ... Read more The Norwegian Fjord Horse Breed JavaScript is disabled. Their large eyes and small ears and the significantly prominent signature mane with a dark streak of hair distinguish them from other breeds. Due to the selective breeding, Fjords have retained their bloodline and purity. To keep a check on their weight, it is best to give these horses a dry lot rather than grass. Gender. Norwegian Fjord. Quality may be the biggest reason for the price variation. Brown Dun Norwegian Fjord horse The Fjord Horse, also known as the Norwegian Fjord horse, is one of the purest and oldest equine breeds on the planet. The Fjord horse is dun with black dorsal stripe. The usual weight of this breed is 900 to 1000 pounds. Fjords generally range in size from 13 to 14.2 hands and weigh between 900 and 1200 lbs. The muscular body can travel through rugged paths. Most of the horses of this breed typically have a two-toned mane. Bianca Grueneberg / Getty Images The Norwegian Fjord (pronounced Fee-ord) Horse is Norway's oldest horse breed. Their gentle temperament and calm demeanor make them easy to train. Norwegian Fjords, first domesticated and used by the Vikings, are a small, but athletic breed, with outstanding temperament and versatility, capable of being used for tasks as varied as land plowing, competitive carriage driving, jumping and dressage. Experts believe that the first Fjord migrated to Norway, where it was domesticated, more than 4,000 years ago. … However, despite their size, they are horses of great agility and are quite capable of pulling heavy burdens and carry an adult human. Check out this amazing Norwegian Fjord mare for half lease Fjord for sale in Colts neck, ... Horses Fjord For Lease Available. Not to forget, these horses are also used for horse cart competitions or as wagon horses. The fact that these horses were carefully bred makes them one of the oldest and purest breeds with least or no influence from other breeds of horses. The Norwegian Fjord horse has a small but bulky build. The Norwegian people say the genuine and beautiful character of a true Fjordhorse is difficult to express in ordinary words, as it is more like a feeling you have… If a stallion of this breed has considerable white marks on his body, it is disqualified for breeding. 15-16 hands 2. In fact, cave paintings that were created roughly 30,000 years ago exhibit horses that bear striking similarities to the Fjord Horse breed. Norwegian Fjord horses are very agile and may lead an active life even at 30 years of age. The Fjord horse ranges in height from between 13.2 and 15 hands with most individuals measuring 14 – 14.2 hands and weighing between 900 and 1200 pounds. Suddenly, the horse was able to perform more work, with fewer horses needed. We are passionate about horses and we want to share everything we learn. • In 2005, 390 foals were registered. One of the camest and cutest horse breeds of al, the Norwegian Fjord is the perfect horse for those who want to take things slowly. Character of the Fjord Horse. Norwegian Fjords are traditional workhorses of the Norse population. Weight: 900 and 1200 pounds Advertisementseval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'amazinghorsefacts_com-banner-1','ezslot_7',132,'0','0']));There are a lot of rules followed when it comes to breeding these horses. Fjords can be found winning at horse shows, working in therapy programs, farming fields and ascending mountains. Its compact size is beneficial for mounting, and the easy keeper is convenient to maintain. Breed Organizations. Along with Geirangerfjord, Nærøyfjord is the only other Norwegian fjord to be granted UNESCO World Heritage status. Pick from a list of great Fjord Hikes in Western Norway. The fjord horse is a medium-sized draft horse from Scandinavia. Choosing a Fjord. Come join the discussion about breeding, grooming, reviews, health, behavior, housing, adopting, care, classifieds, and more! That is an adaptive feature that helps them to tolerate the extreme cold of Norway and its surrounding mountainous areas. The generally hardy breed does not have too many health issues. Horse For Sale: Trinity's Isabel (Registered with NFHR #07-5697-M) Location: Langley City, British Columbia: Breed: Norwegian Fjord: Color: Dun: Date Foaled: July, 2007: Gender: Mare: Current Height: 13 HH: Weight: 900 "Trinity's Isabel 2007 13.2 true ride and drive reg fjord … • The highest population density of Fjord Horses in North America is in Minnesota and Wisconsin. View Details. Too many treats may lead to weight gain and obesity. An adult horse usually grows to a height of 13.1 and 14.2 hands. In the olden days, Norwegians only considered breeding their Norwegian Fjord only if it had a ‘got mote’, meaning a pleasant and smart appearance. The mane of the Fjord is very coarse and tends to stand straight up for a few inches. These horses are also considered one of the purest horse breeds that exist in Norway and the world over. Since 90% of all Fjord horses are brown duns and so many people think every Fjord looks the same, one might think that one size of tack will fit most Fjords. The Fjord appears in the colours brown dun, uls dun, red dun, yellow dun and grey dun. Horse Breeds, Breeding, Genetics & Conformation, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. All horses eat grass and hay and so does the Norwegian Fjord horse. Amazing Horse Facts is the ultimate resource to help you find out amazing and interesting facts about horses. It has a strong, arched neck, sturdy legs and good feet, and a compact, muscular body. Too much white on a stallion’s body is considered undesirable traditionally. They have their distinct look and characteristics! That is one of the reasons why you can tell a Fjord horse in a glance from a distance. Selective breeding and isolation has kept the breed extremely pure over the centuries. The fjord’s total length is 18 kilometres (11 miles). Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry The Registry maintains a stud book for Fjords in America to keep accurate bloodlines. Norwegian Fjord Horses are one of the world's oldest recognized breeds. Horses by Discipline Horses by ... Norwegian Fjord mare for half lease. Colour Of The Fjord Horse. The breed still exhibits strong survival instincts and remains healthy, fertile, and useful well into its long life. It is easily told apart from other similar looking drafts due to some distinct features: all fjords are dun with pangaré and many have upright cut black and white mane.