They promise less cocking effort, less vibration, less cocking force, less noise, a crisper trigger and the most important thing: accuracy. If you do order a new spring, from here or Crosman, be sure to get a new main seal, or two; # B18-04-1A, I was given a Crosman Fire NP 495 air rifle and want to upgrade it to a higher velocity. Gravel's price should be ~$52. Is this what is called the NP2 Nitro Piston? Write me at chevota at hotmail if you want details on any of the aforementioned. gas ram piston spring nitro gamo crosman benjamin 60kg .177 .22 air rifle gun. Pistolet à plombs GAMO P900 IGT nitro piston - 4,5mm (3 Joules) Précédent. What is the name of the kit mentioned in the first answer for the bengimin trail np? is not apparent in the picture of the advertised CR Nitro Piston. $139.95. I believe it is possible, but it certainly doesn't drop right in. Suivant. The fps will vary drastically on the parts, condition of the gun, pellet weight and caliber, so it could anywhere from below 500 to over 1300. Any parts would be model specific and gotten thru Crosman. The piston is, well, the piston, and if you saw one you'd see how it's very similar to the piston in a car engine. Body ~150mm x 18.12mm. The part sold here is a spring, not a piston. I believe you have the short stroke version so you'd need to buy a regular piston and whatever else makes it different. 1989-1996--Dodge--Dakota 2WD--6 Cylinders X 3.9L FI OHV--31937302 It is a 495fps and I would like to upgrade the fire power as mutch as possible without damaging too mutch the rifle of course. The other common way either costs a lot more or a little more + more work. Used Flywheel $2,250.00. Typically, in a .22 caliber gun this puts out a little over 20 FPE, Can assemble with benjamin trail model np xl. The replacement Nitro Piston from Crosman did not preform any better than my original. Will this Nitro piston fit and increase the power of my Benjamin Jim Shockey Steel Eagle in .22? If it's a new gun they might just give it to you. Mr Chevota.. id love to speak with you more about the NP2 trail .22... is there an easier way to do so than here by chance? You can write me at chevota at hotmail and I'll send you some info on that along with other tuning info to get the most from that gun. Do you have a ram with reduced tip? w/ 3-9x32 Scope . Mike M... :). Basically they have three Trails which each take a different spring; the Trail XL, the Trail NP2, and the others. Or does it require more? This spring may fit in an NP2 but you will lose power and $ because the correct NP2 spring is ~$8 from Crosman. If not do you know what might ?. We do not have a replacement gas piston for Steel Eagle. The low power NP2 spring (6-NP214-012) for the UK and Canada is a better choice for many people. If you want to see the piston vs the spring, go to and get the parts list.pdf for a gun like the Titan, or Optimus for a coil gun. Looking at the old seal will explain why. I want to increase it from 495 fps, If it has a gas spring now then see the reply I wrote to Devon above. Would this be considered an upgrade over the older models if it is the NP2? The weaker spring in a .177 is a much nicer combo... You can of course get another B18 spring, like the one sold here, if yours has leaked. BSA METEOR GAS RAM NITRO PISTON DROP IN KIT MK3-MK5 SPRING AIR RIFLE .177 .22 . I've heard people are having better luck lately so maybe they fixed the problem? The NP2 piston will not fit your gun, but even if it did I don't see the point. It depends on which Phantom you have. As long as you're aware of legal aspect, go for it. On the shaft (the black part) of the original BT5M22-00-1A, there is a metal o-ring which I guess is necessary in order to maintain a constant gap between the piston and the gas spring. Free shipping. $45.81. you guys are awesome! Welcome to the new world of gas piston air rifles! bsa meteor gas ram nitro piston drop in kit mk3-mk5 spring air rifle .177 .22 . I just purchased Benjamin Trail np2 elite. Better to just tune the gun as-is imo. 22 bengimin trail np. There is a kit that has a new nitro piston , that is stronger and a shorter piston ,that gives you a longer stroke , I put this in my TR 77 NPS went from 483 fps to 826 fps. MSRP: $139.99. I have finally decided to upgrade to a .22 caliber. Up to you... We have no upgrade parts for the Crosman fire NP. Nitro piston guns do have plenty of advantages in comparison with spring air guns. If you have both a long piston and weak spring it'll work pretty good just shortening the piston, then you can decide if you want to spend the $ on a spring. Let us find out more in this Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 Air Rifle Review. Everything went smooth as silk. I have a canadian reduced 500 FPS Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston .22 cal, i was wondering that if i bought this piston it would bring the gun back up to its original model power/fps of 950 fps, or what do i need to buy/do to upgrade it rather than buying a new rifle. That or you have a BT5 and simply want more power. You can email me at chevota at hotmail if you need more details on that, but either way I'll send you (or anyone) my tuning info to squeeze the most power and overall performance from it, regardless of what spring you use. At least with full power you can play with different pell weights and decide for yourself. Yes it is. My guess is your spring has leaked but if your breach fell out it'll do that too. Will it fit my .22 495fps Crosman Phantom? Not a big deal, and since they're not too expensive it may be worth checking out so you can decide for yourself. Spring # BT5M22-00-1 is the low power version and only available from Crosman as far as I know, and is $26. Sep 4, 2012 #1 Hi, I got a call a few weeks ago from the BPS Tracker Boat Center where I purchased my 2012 Z7 saying that on some trailers, the brake actuators were not disengaging properly. There are no products listed under this category. – Jock Elliott. for pyramydair and MR CHEVOTA, That velocity is good so you did it right :), Hey i have an detuned banjamin trail np all weather (black) nitro piston air rifle .... i deffenity have the detuned nitro piston iv read lots of ur comments so i ant trying to ask the same questions .. and on my gas ram the 3rd number on the item number is a 5 (low) not at 9 (high) thats how i know and why i bought this replacement ... now iv read that i will have to cut down that piston to get it at its full compassity can i get ur email for the blueprints on the cutting sizes and how it should be cut .... please and thank you. Trust our team to help you with your next online purchase. I bought a nitro ram like this one here. to suit gamo crosman benjamin and other air rifles with a 100mm piston stroke. That's just an O-ring, I think size -109. I do have the Crosman F11 in .22, canadian 495 fps max version. ~260mm oal. The only thing different about a .22 gun is the barrel, which were. Just explain mention the above and what you want. It comes with some features as well. If you have a CA version it's likely ~175mm. Body ~136 x 18.12. The part # starts with BT9, the typical lower power is BT5. It is the Canadian version which is restricted to 495FPS. If you switch to .22 using a 14.3gr pellet it'll be 850 to over 900. Got a question? on sale. If it has a nitro now it is probably the lower strength one, but probably a better spring and it will hit 700 in 22, maybe 900 in 177. view more. my rifle is the detuned benjamin trail n2 .22, you say it should be cut to 150 mm so I am confused as to how you get your measurement , also what about the square cut out on the piston for the trigger assembly , thanks so much for the info, That's the overall length of a full power piston. Ven 2 Sep 2016 - 19:38: Pour la Cometa 400 compact GP en gas ram, j'en suis personnellement hyper content. It could also, partially, be from what I believe is the original gas spring/piston made by Theoben, which the piston was actually the main part of the spring. Jean. If so the NP2 spring is ~6mm shorter: This fits most, if not there is another that will. Hello Mr Chevota, is this part (CR Nitro Piston) suitable for my Remington nitro piston .177 ? I have all the tools to replace them if that is the case and will do it. You don't need a new nitro, just the barrel. 2nd - if its the NP2 would it fit in my Benjamin legacy jim shockey 22? Thanks! It was $7.77US last I checked a few yrs ago. Beeman RS2 Air Rifle Combo 4.3 out of 5 stars 141. You will get a better hitting chance with this combo air rifle. As long as the Phantoms part # doesn't end in with an "A" it'll fit. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The body of this one is ~1/4" longer so it'll likely bind, but if it did fit, or you made it fit, there would be a bit of a power loss since it's weaker. chevota at hotmail and I'll send 'em. They made a B18 Benjamin Summit and Summit NP2 so it can be confusing. Yes it will but you need to be sure you don't already have it. However, Tom Gaylord is an expert air rifle writer. You would have to contact Crosman for parts or service. Springer and do you ship to Canada. Once apart you can see what parts you have. Other mods to reduce power are a hole in the piston or a longer piston. NPSS, RNP and misc others of same base model: Nitro piston technology allows the gas piston air rifle to be cocked for long periods of time without any damage to the piston. I'd also get a new main seal or two # CRS5177-012 which are ~$2ea. If your Trail model is the NP2 .Yes it will fit. No the NP2 piston will not fit your gun, nor would it be worth the trouble if it did.