Legal terms of the class action settlement, including your options and potential benefits, were also disclosed in this notice. Not to mention being without a vehicle all week and for who knows how much longer it will be is very hard on us. It never happened! I went on line to see if anybody else was experiencing knocking with their Sonata’s and that’s when I discovered that the car’s motor was destined to fail AND Hyundai was telling people it was their own fault for not having enough oil in their motors and not honoring their warranties! First they wanted the service history, which is clean and solid. Aug 16th 2020 this happened. I had it looked at by 2 different Kia’s and a friend of mine who is a mechanic. I had started looking online about similar situations and had noticed them in the states. We tell you about cash you can claim every week! Thankfully this didn’t result in a accident!
Look over the claim form to see if you are eligible. Hyundai Tucson, 2017, caught fire completely on a freeway within no time, after I heard knocking from the engine. Owners will receive cash settlements and plenty of other additional safeguards for over 4 million vehicles with the affected engines. I will never buy another Hyundai again and will damn sure let all my friends know of it. This is now the 5th time that my hyundai vehicles has almost caused a serious safety issue and could have really harmed myself, my son or my family. Driving my hyundai sonata 2012 down the hwy. I have to pay approx $8000 to get a new engine. I was told that they needed to run an update on the knock sensor. The engine failure was confirmed. The 2013 Kia Sportage I purchased had only 120,000 Km when June of 2019 the engine knocked loudly… and died… costing $8000.00 for an engine replacement. The firefighters showed up in under 5-minutes from my 911 call and were able to put it out before the situation got much worse (fluids quickly started leaking all over in the interim). Couldn’t open the drivers door as the traffic was passing by so close.I was sweating and could hardly breath in this SUV.Nothing worked,my windows couldn’t come down,it was so hot stuck in this vehicle on the side of a busy road. I somehow got the car to coast to the side of the road. My kia optima 2011 ex had 90k started making a knocking sound while I was driving on the highway. The engines contain metal debris from the factory were they were made, Killoran claims. Placeholders.enable(); Not impressed!!! I started to diagnose my issue and found that the #3 cylinder connecting rod bearing had spun on it’s self and stopped my engine. Complete the claim form with your information. Thank you. I am lucky that it didn’t happen on a major highway,as I live only a kilometer from one that I use all the time. It will cost us over $8000 to fix it out of pocket.