I’ve done some other tweaks, replacing the piston o ring with a slightly larger #117, upgrading to higher quality o rings, slightly drilling out the transfer port, reshaping the end of the valve stem, and working over the trigger mechanism. I am using RWS pellet 8.3grains, 400fps. 3. Interested in getting one of these for a steal . 193. There is no need to pretend that it is a semi-auto pistol. One of the most popular airguns available. The only thing so far I'd like to modify is the trigger pull. I've got my Beeman P17 pistol. Beeman P17 Mods – modifying a Beeman P17 to the extreme. So heavy for me. With these mods, hopefully, the P17 can give HW40 a good run for the money. https://www.airgundepot.com/beeman-p17.html. I have the P17 and the Weihrauch HW40 that it copies. Member. This will bring the velocity up close to 470 fps with 7.3 grain pellets . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ? Price: £38.99 PG102 Grip RHS. This trigger looks and feels great. Guys, I have had this pistol for several years now and for a low dollar gun you wont find a better trigger. I picked up a P17 a few weeks ago and I'm very impressed on how great it shoots out of the box. Beeman P17 Modifications. Price: £3.64 P144 Ram unit. Here’s a shot showing the pickup, note that it is inside the boundary formed by the steel fingers: The P17 carbine looks sexy with its carbon fiber LDC and is unbelievably quiet. There is also a lock for the trigger. Beeman Air Rifles When you want one of the most advanced air guns on the market today, make sure you check out this selection of Beeman air rifles from Airgun Warehouse. I haven’t been checking the ADRider air gun thread lately. Attached is a photo of my Beeman RS2 (top) and a 1990 RWS Diana 34. The Beeman QB78 deluxe air rifle is able to be upgraded with a two-stage trigger. I have had one since they were introduced. I've got my Beeman P17 pistol. Beeman P17 / Marksman 2004. Top . It shot as good and smooth as my FAS 6004 and it cost 15 times less. Got any new guns in the past few months? The sears contact points can be smoothed and sharpened if you like. Price: £1.95 OR076 O Ring/Valve seal P17 . There’s also a Model 1327 which has a 2,000 PSI fill pressure and QB78-style trigger and stock. The gun also smelled from some chemical and the package stated stated that the gun contained substances known to cause cancer. I added 17fps on one pistol and 20fps on another using this mod. Still can't believe it. So I ordered a couple to try out. Its a really fun gun to shoot but tends to get a bit tiring shooting it all day long. Essentially what this does is allow the piston to suck air in for about the first 1″ of its stroke. I recently got a beeman p17. User account menu. The perfect plinker now with an all-weather synthetic stock!.. 1 Attachment(s) I was glad to see that Pyramid announced the Beeman P-17 as the 4th best selling pistol in their lineup. once  produced a  30 yard off hand  kill shot on a   feathered pest  garden raider. Last Post RSS pluric (@pluric) Joined: 3 years ago. No sight adjustment just a few practice shots to figure out where they were hitting and went for the father son shoot out. If you install a 10” barrel with the tape ,it will go over 500 fps with the same pellet. This is the only reason I knocked a point off for accuracy. The front end of the plastic “slide” has to be drilled out to 7/16″ to allow the barrel to slide through. Up to 4 now. Very accurate;Crosman 2240 Carbine w/ 17" .177 cal.barrel Built from the bottom up with spare parts by Mike N., 1/2" @ 20yds;Tech Force® S2-1X Air Pistol .177 cal. Components are machined stainless steel (sears, springs, pins, hammer, cams, valve parts) and the external trigger, safety and over lever lock parts are aluminum. The P17 is just as accurate, but shoots a little hotter for some reason. The Beeman QB78 deluxe comes with a manual guide for the adjustable trigger. It is so smooth now. The trigger is probably the best feature of this pistol because it is very light and crisp with a definite first and second stage. rom69erz. Thread Tools. So I got out the polishing stones and went to work. Hacking the 1322 – armed with a 3d printer and tools, I undertake to make a quiet, accurate 1322 for as little money as possible. I'll sniff around the web some more. I’ve had my Beeman P17 for a couple of years now and have made some very extreme modifications to it that I thought would be interesting to share. Airgun Depot had them to my door in two days. There’s also porting the valve outlet , it can be done with a Dremel and small diamond bit , I try to round off the sharp corner . Log In Sign Up. I took it back to the shop today and had it replaced. 20 yards, 6" Shoot-n-C target using JSB 7.33 pellets. I tore it down and figured out what was going on – the steel fingers on the back of the valve had worn and stretched to the point that they no longer engaged the hammer, leaving the valve constantly open. On both p17's the trigger failed with a week. I am using RWS pellet 8.3grains, 400fps. Not bad for a completely untouched stock gun shooting a bit beyond it's intended range. (Lol). As much as I love shooting, it didn’t take me long to wear my P17 out to the point where it wouldn’t cock the hammer. (SSP) The P17 is a very good buy. Group size at 15 yards is amazingly small from a rest. At first I thought the piston was leaking so I cleaned all the piston manuzl and lightly lubed it with white lithium grease as suggested in the manual. He thought it felt as good or better than his FX guns. So heavy for me. The trigger guard had to be reshaped, as did the grip to provide the clearance for a full cocking stroke. Barrel seal Beeman P17 . I have to give this round to my son. Also want to do a longer bbl shoulder stocked one . Shooting the 880 Quietly – enjoy quiet shooting with your Daisy Powerline 880 with these simple tips and tricks. Plus the mods in the pix: You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Close. After reading about the P17 coming up several times in the "Cheap airguns that surprised you" thread I had to try one. Powerful .22 cal.. C$149.99 Quick shop QB78 Deluxe .22 Cal . That’s pretty-well a repeater version of the existing Beeman Chief. The P3 overall has a better build, a better finish and a more solid feel in the hand. BTW, it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole modifying this gun. I believe there are still gains to be had with even longer barrels, but that’s hopefully a subject of a future post. We literally opened the packaging, walked into the back yard and my son and I started to shoot them. Sounds like blasphemy, but it really feels right in there with my match grade gun triggers. Please find below the exploded parts diagram, parts list and available spare parts for the Beeman p17 / Marksman 2004 air pistol. Its look good, shoots better. If you haven’t seen the video of it on my homepage, I’ll include it here: In the video, you can see it is no longer a pistol, but has been turned into a carbine. Accuracy remains stellar, with the only air rifle in my collection that can beat it being my Walther LGR, a purpose built 10m match rifle. I accomplished this by using a drill and 1″ belt sander to turn down a Crosman .177 barrel to mimic the stock pistol barrel. So I ordered a couple to try out. Author Topic: Beeman P17 (Read 8281 times) Guest; Beeman P17 « ... Easy mod, I used green vinyl gardners tape and fabricated a shim using some hole punches. Boerne (San Antonio) Field Target Club First Match of 2021 on Saturday, January 16, Nevada State Championships AAFTA GP Match- 6/11, 6/12 & 6/13, 2021, Field Target match Saturday Jan 9th at TCRC, Pleasant Hill NC, Latest Post: Air Arms S400 Repair Our newest member: plk Recent Posts Unread Posts Tags, Forum Icons: Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts Mark all read, Topic Icons: Not Replied Replied Active Hot Sticky Unapproved Solved Private Closed. The famous QB78 - There really is not a better rifle for the.. C$179.99 Quick shop QB78 Synthetic .22 Cal CO2 . I’ll clean her up a bit when I reassemble after the photo shoot. If you need to repair or upgrade your Beeman or Weihrauch air gun, you'll find what you need at Airgun Warehouse. Not at that price. I am amazed how well it feels and breaks for a $30 gun. Would gladly give up the second half in exchange for someone doing the machine work to fit . But the adjustable rear sight, utilitarian recoil pad and the overall appearance of the trigger guard scored a B minus. I used two of those miniature utg Picatinny-to-dovetail adapters, and sawed two kerfs across the top dovetail rail. Toys4LifeC5. Thanks. Felt good but I changed it to over a pound. The trigger is adjustable so I took a little slack out of it by turning in the adjuster grub and polished the top of it as well. Here’s what it looks like at full cocking length with LDC in place: I think there is still timing optimization waiting to be unlocked. But I like to tinker and figured it could be even better. I took the gun completely apart to inspect and tune it, but the only real mod I did was shorten and lighten the trigger pull. In conclusion I’m very pleased with the customer service of the shop but not so happy with the Beeman 2004/P17. Beeman P17 Reliability; Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. But I’ve heard so many good things about the P17 that when I saw it at Amazon for under $33, I decided to bite and see why it had such a strong following. I like the feel and weight and it is offers great and inexpensive practice for 10 meter  and Steel PB's Plate shooting. Archived. Thanks. I have an FT version of one of these actions that I tra... RE: How the vintage Diana ball-see trigger works, @gratewhitehuntr Thank you for the pics! Beeman P17 trigger mod. Full Member; Posts: 184; RE: Gopher, please read! Very helpful. The Beeman P17 looks like a generic pistol because it is a pistol. The top of the p17 had sharp edges that dug into my hand when cocking the gun. RiaanduToit. It really does break nice and clean. 3. "Cream of the crop in my pistols collection"; Beeman P17/Marksman 2004 One-Pump Pneumatic.177 cal. A strange twist of fate allows me to shoot mine at stock speeds with an LDC attached. The brand new FX Crown MkII IN STOCK NOW at Baker Airguns... Pyramyd Air launches Build Your Own Airgun! It's super fun and I really like it. My son came over this morning and tried it. 10 grain pellets shoot an average of 433 fps, meaning we’ve effectively taken a 2.8 FPE airgun and boosted its output to 4.2 FPE, most of that power coming from a longer barrel. If you haven’t seen the video of it on my homepage, I’ll include it here: In the video, you can see it is no longer a pistol, but has been turned into a carbine. « Reply #5 on: May 20, 2009, … Piston seal Beeman P17 . Walmarts near me don't stock them (southern NY) and in some distant Walmarts they were $17 on sale. Interesting note is this gun seems to shoot the oversized Crosman Premier Pointeds really well which my other guns seem to hate. Very fast shipping. 10 meter target, maybe it will be improved if trigger pull will be modified. Both hard to cock I read about the gummy like seal. I put a dot sight on one of mine. I have a .22 barrel that is long enough to make two out of. To shoot at full power, the LDC would have to be removed between shots, quite inconvenient. C$159.99 Quick shop Beeman QB Chief .22 Cal . Airgun depot is going to have a 15% off + free shipping Fri to Mon. Stock, it would shoot 7.4 grain pellets in the 410 fps range. Best Possible KEL TEC P17 Trigger Upgrade to Boost Performance and Reliability! Beeman p17 user manual. It had rusting and pitting on the exterior, a bent barrel and spring, dry rotted stock butt, cracked piston, and a malfunctioning trigger. I pick them up used when ever I find them. Brass trigger with two 4-40 set screws and Trigger Return spring. If I had to rate the overall cosmetic quality of the Beeman QB78 Deluxe, I’d score it 70%. His target is on the left. ? Trigger . Price: £10.98 PG103 Frame with left grip. If you would like a longer barrel or a .22 caliber barrel for your P17, feel free to contact me. Beeman QB78 Wood Stock .22 Cal . Very substantial feel and yes the trigger was nothing you would expect for the price break of gun. I give the front sight ramp, glow-sight, gold accent bolt and trigger high marks. I know all the online vendors but is there some store I'm missing that carries these? Oh, and can you do mine too :)? Is this the same "Mr B" from ADV rider? Want to do a .20 and .22 barrel conversion. Thank you. The p3 is much better quality. I have one of these little wonder guns myself and need to do this!! The only thing so far I'd like to modify is the trigger pull. Its look good, shoots better. At first it dropped the pull to under a pound. Get a roll of tin duct tape place two( maybe three )  layers over the piston face to tighten up the clearance . You are correct, the gun is simply amazing. Negative points compared to the HW40 trigger not as light and smooth. Looking at your video... RE: I have a DayState MTC With Black Tactical Stock in .177. indeed ... is there any progress to share ? Would grab a few for that price. Any tips on how to make it lighter? I stretched the trigger spring out to take some tension off. Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of 23 Thread: Beeman P17 Reliability. 193. rom69erz. I forgot mention, the trigger linkage was bone try. T&Cs | Rules | Limitations | Privacy Policy. For well over a decade, I have shared my passion for airguns on this website. Topic starter February 8, 2018 23:25:18 . Show Printable Version; 15-02-16, 11:04 #1. I couldn't believe a $30 gun could get such positive reviews, especially the trigger. ***This trigger WILL NOT WORK with the Gen2 Benjamin Fortitude*** This is a nice upgrade to the stock, plastic triggers. Beeman P17 trigger pull. I remedied this by applying a blob of solder between the fingers and shaping it to match the profile of the fingers. I was looking for a pellet pistol to get me through a few months, and could not help but notice the glowing reviews of the P-17. Further filing of the solder might improve velocity further by allowing a longer backdraft. I've enjoyed shooting and hunting with airguns since my early teen years. The Diana was given to me in a terrible state. It has a good trigger and can be accurate. I’ve had my Beeman P17 for a couple of years now and have made some very extreme modifications to it that I thought would be interesting to share. Participant . Originally the trigger pull was 2 lbs 11 oz. There is also a wire inside the trigger that acts a guide which a sear passes thru, and if that's a tight fit you need to sand the wires a bit. In hindsight, I believe I should have spent the extra on the HW40 and avoided all the hassle. After some similar work to what you have done here and some other mods, they are really fun shooters. Views : 1853 Likes : 0 . I'd be happy to modify yours. To hold the valve open allowing the piston to backdraft air through the transfer port, I left space between the fingers and filed the solder to alter the timing: Yes, there’s a little too much moly grease in there. SOLD: Benjamin PROD Model BP2220 (Revised & Reduced Pricing, AGAIN), WTB .380 Shells for Crosman Trapmaster 1100. What mod … Press J to jump to the feed. Posts: 768. I lubed it up as well. With the long barrel, the velocity is up to 484 fps. Normally the only air pistols that interest me are match pistols- those capable of making one-hole groups at 10 meters, with triggers that can be set to just a few ounces. Beeman P17 best value out there? ? I was really enjoying it and finding it to be incredibly accurate (even in my novice hands) when it developed a trigger problem such that the trigger would intermittently fail, especially when pulled slowly. by Stephen Archer – January 27, 2019 Hard Air Magazine. Precision CNC Machined KEL TEC P17 Flat Trigger is a must have for Custom KEL TEC P17 Accessories! Likes : 0 | Subscribe. The fiber optic front sight is a bit too large for a target pistol and completely obscures the center of a typical pistol target at 10 meteres or greater. Chrony put them a very consistent 398-402 fps. Good job, Rick. Yes, ‘tis one in the same; I changed my name from “wjjones” on this board with the web site change. Post Jan 11, 2015 #1 2015-01-11T14:03. Replace you Plastic KEL TEC P17 Parts with Precision CNC Machined Aluminum KEL TEC P17 Mods! The longer barrel quiets the pop of the P17 fairly well, but could still really benefit from a LDC. The Beeman P17 is a great addition to any airgunners collection or would make a great first airgun for someone looking for a simple backyard plinker. I would highly recommend it. I couldn't believe a $30 gun could get such positive reviews, especially the trigger. I was just short of shocked how fun they were out of the box. Rear sights not as good and require frequent re-zero. Adjustable for pull weight and over travel. I know it says trigger mod but I’ll add my two cents . After reading about the P17 coming up several times in the "Cheap airguns that surprised you" thread I had to try one. View all posts by Geo. Forums › Air Pistols › Air Pistols – Discussion › Beeman P17 Pistol (model 2004) quick review… Hint, I love this gun! I want to put a silencer or suppressor on it just because why not. Fits the Benjamin Discovery, Maximus and Crosman 2260 rifles. October 18, 2019 at 5:06 pm Link. I have owned and shot both a Beeman P17 and HW40. Anybody know of a cocking aid that mounts onto the gun to assist in closing the stroke and how much it cost and availability? Additionally, the trigger of the Beeman QB78 air rifle is finished beautifully with the gold-bolt handle. A longer barrel adds an amazing power increase. The piston only backdrafts for about 1″ of stroke, at full cock, there is an additional .5″ of stroke available. Custom KEL TEC P17 Aftermarket Parts for Competition Level Performance by Combat Veterans! Price: £2.31 OR058 O Ring. Any tips on how to make it lighter? Beeman is claiming up to 100 shots per fill, although this is not a regulated air rifle, so expect some significant FPS changes through those 100 shots. Things I liked: After much consideration, decided to step up from the Beeman P17 (MIC) to the Beeman P3 (MIG by Weihrauch). Available Spare Parts: 5 x Beeman P17 Piston Seal O Ring – Part No: 2460 BK112 £ 4.67. Shipping both ways would be more than the gun. Chevota Post subject: Re: Beeman P17 Mods & Issues. I got mine from Airgun Depot. The Beeman P17 being a Chinese copy of the German HW40, had some great features. Form follows function. Sharp Shooter Forum Sponsor User Info Menu. This, BTW, is a Chinese clone of a HW40 at about 1/10 the cost. Even the sides had burrs so I also did the sides and trigger. With a quick search you’ll find other nice mods and fixes. In each case it was loaded and cocked but wouldn't fire. Here is an update shooting the gun with polished trigger. Vinyl tape is pretty cool because it compresses under stress just like the oring does. Beemanp17 mod questions. In stock. Thanks for sharing! At any rate, it is a almost silent setup with enough power and accuracy in its current form to take out mice, house sparrows, and the like. I bought a Beeman 2004 ten days ago. The Beeman P17: Best bargain in air pistols? Beemanp17 mod questions. a good "Soft Hammer" Logged Gopher. My local Walmart had a close out sale on these several years ago and I picked up two of them. For any spare parts not listed for the P-17 / Marksman 2004 guns please feel free to contact us. However, due to the typical problems in China with perhaps lack of attention to details, the copy is not even close to the original in terms of performance and reliability. Posted by 1 year ago. You can't expect a manufacturer to be too detailed on this price break of a gun but it was pretty rough. It is one of the best values in air pistols on the market.