Also available to browse and shop … Stealth Roof Rack for Toyota 4Runner 5 th Gen with 40” LED Light bar Set Up – by GOBI ***LEAD TIME FOR THIS PRODUCT IS 12-16 WEEKS*** The ultimate Stealth Roof Rack is one of the best options in the market for your Toyota 4Runner 5 th Gen (2009 - Present). Then, install the driver’s side (the side with the cord) into place on the Front Runner rack. upTOP Overland manufactures high quality overland roof and bed racks. The Toyota 4runner is one of the most popular SUVs for overlanding. This is completely optional and totally depends on how you’re running your wires. SILICONE. I’ve had it installed and have been using it for about 2 months now both on and off road. Silicone sealants are not what you need to seal a roof rack mount. Toyota didn’t seal the roof this way for a reason. You can toss the rest of the harness or save it for another build. KC Lights designs both the Pro6 and the C-Series with this in mind. Not as cool but still damn bright and the look is growing on me. Any order over $50 from Extreme LED ships free to the lower 48 states…simple enough and it’s nice to save $20-$30 on your purchase! I know this because we have had water leaks in our roof before and it’s not fun. Get rid of the chrome accents on your tail lights with our 4Runner Smoked Tail Light Kit. Designed with style & durability to maintain a safe driving load capacity of 300lbs. The Pro6 light bar offers a signature KC look with some aggressive Baja race heritage. Location: Fairbanks, AK. The Quandary (GX470 Roof Rack) from 799.00. The 5th Gen 4Runner Roof Rack is a ruggedly light weight rack which allows the utmost in flexibility for your cargo with 3″x 1″ slotted aluminum extrusions as the cross bars. I picked up an 8-light Pro6 bar by itself from a guy who didn’t want them and kept the rack (since I already have a Gobi stealth). I’m so stoked for the future of this build! The cost of the light bar on this roof rack is not necessarily what you would call “affordable”. Grab some alligator clips, connect up your test run of wire and test the power running to the Pro6 light bar. $1,200.00. New OEM Toyota 4Runner Roof Rack … At this point, you should be connecting the passenger scene lights on one harness and then the driver’s side scene lights on a separate harness. You may need a little “play” in the mounting to get the passenger side on properly. 2003-09 TOYOTA 4RUNNER Luggage Roof Rack Carrier End Cap OEM Passenger's Front (Fits: Toyota 4Runner) 4 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - 2003-09 TOYOTA 4RUNNER Luggage Roof Rack Carrier End Cap … Also, due to the width of the light bar and the shape of the Front Runner support rails, you’ll have to drill out the hole of the passenger side mounting bracket. Since this wiring harness is going to live its life outside of the vehicle, it’s important to use only waterproof connectors and high-quality connectors at that. Thanks! It’s not perfect though. This is one area that makes the M-Rack stand out from the rest: its integrated cutouts and mounting positions. If you want to add an extra layer of precaution in order to prevent it from scratching your roof, you can add some blankets or a strip of masking tape. Extreme LED does include a wire harness that can attach directly to your battery and a wireless remote for on/off is an optional $28 upgrade. A lot of them are not UV stable or even weather resistant, and will eventually harden or deteriorate, losing their ability to prevent leaks. The fit is extremely tight, but it fully fills the under-mount space of the roof rack…something the 38” literally came up short on. The first part is installing the roof rack, Pro6 and scene lights which be done in a few hours. I personally used the 38” Extreme LED X6x light bar for almost a year before switching to the 44” model. $100.00 Sale: $94.00 Save: 6% off. Here is a photo showing both wire harnesses meeting at the A-pillar. I originally purchased a light bar from Extreme LED for several reasons and when I decided to upgrade to the 44” I, once again, went back to Extreme LED for the following reasons: From Extreme LED: We are so confident in the quality of our products that we provide a lifetime warranty to protect against manufacturing defects. Life’s too short for subpar connectors. Due to the size of our wiring harnesses, this seemed to be the best option for our current situation. We continued with a 12ga wire for the remainder of the harness. Using your rivet nut tool, proceed to insert a rivet nut into the hole you’ve just drilled. I had absolutely zero issues with the 38” light bar and had no concerns about sticking with an Extreme LED product after a year-long, 4-season usage including 0° winters and 100°+ summers—yes, we have insane weather in Kansas City where I live. I will not be covering wiring or harness choices in this article or Switch Pro installation or hookup. The M-Rack bends outward on each CNC cut side bracket. Its also stayed spot dry through a very very verrrrrry wet Kansas City spring! For an example of what can happen if you fail to add silicone sealant, take a look at this article on our 4Runner going into limp mode. I’ve got the same lift, how are you going to fit a 35”? Most of them are hard-curing, making it impossible to remove that gunk should you want to change your rack. Start by unpacking the KC Pro6 light bar and the M-Rack components. Our selection of roof racks, bed racks, bumpers, rock sliders, light bars, and other accessories … We connected two 10ga wires into one step down connector into the 8ga side. Note: KC calls for a total of four holes to be drilled in order to mount the rack, however, we went with the front mounting points only. I certainly plan on using the 30” X6s along with my upcoming C4 Fabrication Lo Pro hybrid metal bumper for the perfect combo of functional amber/white lighting and matched aesthetically. That’s only if you don’t have any extra laying around from other Front Runner accessories. I recommend the Extreme LED 44” X6s Light Bar…especially to anyone who is using the Front Runner Slimline II roof rack. The Yale (GX460 Roof Rack) from 879.00. $39.33 shipping. LED light bars, whether mounted on your 4Runner’s roof, bumper, or elsewhere, provide that extra boost of lighting on the trail, off-roading, or even in utility situations like setting up camp after dark. This warranty does NOT cover cosmetic damages, disassembly, unauthorized repair or attempt, or damage due to abusive use. KMFCDAE Upper Windshield Mounting Brackets Roof Rack Mounts 52" Straight Curved LED Light Bar Fit 2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser (Thickened, 1 Pair) 4.6 out of 5 stars 24. You will get your M-Rack in one box and then separate boxes for the Pro6 and the scene lights as well. Re-installing the wind fairing will actually help with wind noise even though it only sits a centimeter or so behind the light bar. From the Ultra4 to the Baja 1000, you will see hundreds of builds running this style of light bar and no one does it better than KC. This might take you another 2-3 hours depending on your experience. 1990-1995 Toyota 4Runner OEM Roof Rack Complete W/ Hardware Cargo Luggage . A 04/06/2020, 1:46:00 PM Toyota rates the 4Runner roof with a factory rack at "Max load 165 lbs evenly distributed." As you pull the dollop tube away from the hole, this may create a little run. This is because the provided mounting bolts from Extreme LED are too small for the M8 sized Front Runner slat/rail channels. The look is clean and minimal which may be attractive for some, but to me personally, there is nothing about it that screams KC. The high quality tinted film has been designed and cut pe... View full details Sale Baja Designs 4Runner Squadron Fog Light Kit (2010-2021) from $310.20 | / It's time to replace those poor performing OEM fog lights with the most superior fog light on the market. If so, yeah that’s really nice. Running Baja Designs S2 Chase Lights on 4Runners Roof or Bumper – An Overview and Review. The second part is wiring the Pro6 light bar and scene lights. As another added layer or an alternative layer of sealant, you should use butyl rubber sealant. Eventually I caved and just went with some Gobi custom work to mount 6 up. Today we’ll be looking at the very recently released Extreme LED 44” X6s Slim LED Lightbar installed on the full-size Front Runner SlimLine II Roof Rack of a 5th Gen 4Runner. With your 4Runner roof rack, you can get out of town and escape civilization for a little while. I always like to leave the test harness connected for at least five to ten minutes in order to check all connections and wires throughout the harness. Not only do we CAD design it, but we CNC cut it as well, ensuring a seamless fit that minimizes vibrations and wind noise. It’s going to come down to looks for a lot of us but the functionality really adds to this entire setup. What’s the wind noise like with a light setup like that? Even though we are in the test phase of building a harness, it’s always important to check for hotspots throughout the harness and troubleshoot those areas if necessary. Finally, measure all of the remaining leads coming into the engine bay and connect them to your desired switch. It’s called the KC Wire Hider, you can check that out here. $159.95 . Posts: 10 4RunningAK. Yakima® OffGrid™ Roof Cargo Basket. 5th gen 4runner (2010-2021) 4th gen 4runner (2003-2009) 3rd gen 4runner (1995-2002) steps / sliders / skids steps / sliders / skids. NOT. The 38” always looked a bit too small in my opinion. Start with a small pilot hole and work your way up to the desired width of the provided rivet nuts. $14.99. Use coupon code "TRAIL4R10" and save 10% on windshield wiper blades from Scrubblade. The Pro6 50″ features 18,400 lumens, 6,700 lux, 670,000 candelas and a 1,637m beam distance. Discover (and save!) Product Description. From there, both harnesses will meet and travel down the A-Pillar to the battery. There are so many options of sizes, mounting positions, manufacturers and types of beam patterns that it can be a bit overwhelming just getting started. Go ahead and cut off the white and black wires from the rest of the wiring harness. Once you have positioned the scene light inside the brackets securely, you can proceed with tightening down the brackets and the cross rails. Since we are not going to use the provided switch, we are cutting off the wires we don’t need. Once complete the light bar will sit just in front of the Front Runner’s wind fairing slightly poking out in front of the leading edge of the roof rack rail.